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Graduate IT Programs at University of Melbourne, Australia

    melIf you’re contemplating graduate studies in IT, the University of Melbourne is Australia is the leading institution for Engineering and IT programs. The university is ranked number 1 in Australia and number 13 in the world for advancement and success in Computer Science and Information Systems. The Master of Information Technology (MIT), Master of Information Systems (MIS) and Master of Engineering (Software) courses all include advanced industry-relevant knowledge and industry-based learning opportunities, offering you the skills and expertise needed to succeed at the top level at various cooporations.

    Difference between the MIS, the MIT and the Master of Engineering (Software)

    The Master of Information Systems is specifically for students interested in gaining experience in business applications of information technology: majorly for those who aspire to be leaders in digital business and applications. The course covers major areas of key interest to IT employers, such as projects and change management, IT strategy and governance and emerging technologies.

    The Master of Information Technology is purely for students with strong technical skills, passionate about cutting edge technology and its applications in solving real life problems across all disciplines such as business, government, health and society. The MIT is available in four specialisations: Computing, Distributed Computing, Health and Spatial.

    The Master of Engineering (Software) is an engineering qualification allowing students to work as an accredited software engineer in the world’s leading economies. In this course you combine your mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge with creativity to tackle large-scale software design and development projects. You may also choose to undertake the Master of Engineering (Software with Business) featuring subjects co-developed with Melbourne Business School.

    All three courses offer access to industry as part of our competitive Industry-Based Learning (IBL) subject. IBL allows you to get a foot in the door with leading industry employers, with 400 hours of professional work experience at a host organisation.

    Andy Sum: Master of Engineering (Software) 

    Master of Engineering (Software) student Andy Sum is one of the names behind Crossy Road, a mobile game that has stormed worldwide app charts and earned Andy and his business partner a salary in the tens of millions. A lifelong gamer, Andy first started programming his own games when he was around 10 years old.

    “Our aim for Crossy Road was to make it appeal to as many people as possible. Once we were featured by the App Store we started getting hundreds of thousands of downloads each day. We realised it was big, but we were thinking ‘When is it going to drop?’ However, our downloads have just been going up. It took us about a month before we realised how big the game actually was.”

    How to apply for admission

    Melbourne Institute of Technology accepts online application. Click here to apply for a graduate IT at Melbourne


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