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George Brown College, Canada: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Admission Procedures


    George Brown College is a government-established institution which came about in 1967. The school was named in honor of a 19th century media staff and public figure, George Brown. As a college of Applied Arts and Technology, it provides a number of programs in art and design, business, community services, early childhood, construction and engineering technologies, health sciences, hospitality and culinary arts.

    George Brown College offers programs and services specially organized for international students and immigrants. The institution boasts of 25,888 full-time students, 3,553 international students, 3,729 part-time students and over 62,840 students in continuing education. Around the globe, George Brown College has about 15,000 students in distance education.


    George Brown was ranked third-best college in research. In 2014, Research Infosource published the report which placed the institution among the top 50 colleges in Canada. Also, in 2013, George Brown College raised about $9.3 million in research funds.



    George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology is situated at the centre of the country’s largest city – Toronto. The environment is academic-friendly, and organized to give students the expected success. The college has the following campus locations:

    • Waterfront
    • Ryerson University
    • St. James Campus
    • Casa Loma Campus
    • School of Performing Arts


    George Brown College tuition fees are regularly reviewed by the Board of Governors. Tuition fees vary according to courses of study. However, an overall estimate for most courses is provided below:

    Tuition fees for Canadian citizens $3,668 to $20,188 (for two semesters)

    Tuition fees for International students $14,931 to $31,515 (for two semesters)

    Course Materials $1 to $6,239

    Student Association $101.47 (one semester)

    Diploma/Graduation $94.50 (one semester)

    Identity Card $12

    Alumni $28.46

    Late Payment Fees $150 (both for domestic and International students)

    Technology $94.50

    Student Assistant $30 (one semester)


    Personal Care

    Cold drug for 6 days C$9
    A box of 12 doses of antibiotics C$16
    A short medical checkup for 15 minutes C$51
    A box of tampons C$7
    Roll-on deodorant C$4.74
    Shampoo C$4.62
    Toilet paper (4 rolls) C$2.29
    Toothpaste C$2.39
    Haircut (for men) C$18


    Lunch in business area C$17
    Milk for one person C$2.70
    Large eggs (1dozen) C$3.46
    Potatoes (1kg) C$2.31
    Tomatoes (1kg) C$3.46
    Apples (1kg) C$3.09
    A loaf of bread C$1.15
    Good quality table red wine (1 bottle) C$17
    Coca-Cola drink (2 liters) C$2.31
    Boneless chicken breast (500 gram) C$7


    Rent for 85 m2 already furnished accommodation in an costly area C$2.269
    Rent for 85 m2 already furnished accommodation in an ordinary area C$1.965
    A month utilities for two persons in a 85 m2 flat C$164
    Internet access (1 month) C$51
    Television (40” flat screen) C$466
    Microwave (800/900 watts) C$183
    Detergent for Laundry C$13
    Cleaning help for an hour C$20
    Electricity and other utilities $139.18


    A раir of jеаnѕ (Lеviѕ 501 оrѕimilаr) C$64
    A ѕummеrdrеѕѕ in a High StrееtStоrе (Zаrа, H&M or similar rеtаilеrѕ) C$49
    A pair of ѕроrt shoes (Nikе, Adidаѕ, оrеԛuivаlеntbrаndѕ) C$112
    Aраirоfmen’slеаthеrbuѕinеѕѕѕhоеѕ C$159

    Transportation Cost

    VоlkѕwаgеnGоlf 1.4 TSI 150 CV (or equivalent), with nоеxtrаѕ, nеw C$23,519
    1 litеr (1/4 gаllоn) оf gas C$1.15
    Public trаnѕроrt (monthly) C$145
    Taxi trip on a business (5 miles) C$17



    Bachelor Degree Programs

    Students must have at least 6 Grade 12 credits.

    Post-graduate Programs

    This requires at least a college diploma, university degree or its equal.


    • Admission to George Brown College is not automatic even if students meet the above stated requirements.
    • Students are subject to a test from which the highest rankings are selected and offered admission.
    • Each program has a minimum standard which every student is required to meet.
    • The purpose of the established standard is to guarantee students’ success in their chosen programs.
    • Admission to George Brown College is based on grades and requirements.
    • Applicants from other countries must prove that their education is same standard with Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

    All transcripts submitted by international students are subject to assessment. Certificate, diploma and degree programs all undergo comprehensive screening. General assessment also is conducted on post-graduate programs.

    Mature Students

    Special consideration is given to applicants that are 19 years and above. They take admission tests to be considered for desired programs.


    • Bachelor of Applied Arts
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Applied Business
    • Bachelor of technology


    The following services are available within the college to facilitate students’ academic success and to promote a sense of belonging:

    • Financial Aids
    • Counseling Services
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Disability Services
    • Child Care
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service
    • Diversity, Equity, Human Rights


    Students at George Brown can apply for suitable jobs on the college job site. There are full-time, part-time, contract and summer jobs regularly available. Students may take advantage of these opportunities to earn money for personal and academic needs.

    Employment on Campus

    Peer Note-taker

    The job of a note-taker is to keep records of all the activities in class. This includes lectures, assignments, discussions, demonstrations, announcement and films shown in class.


    A peer note-taker:

    • Must be well-behaved, regular and punctual
    • Must possess good writing skills and legibility
    • Must give attention to details
    • Must be willing to help other students

    Peer Tutor

    The job of a peer tutor is to encourage fellow students to assimilate what they learnt in class by providing and organizing face-to-face academic support. The goal is to make students independent learners.


    A peer tutor:

    • Must be a positive thinker
    • Must be calm and kind to others
    • Must have good conduct and teaching ability
    • Must be willing to aid others

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    Students at George Brown College can join the following activities:

    Athletics and Recreation

    • Gym Schedule
    • Casa Loma Fitness Classes
    • S.T. James Fitness
    • Waterfront Fitness Classes
    • Casa Loma Intramurals
    • St. James Intramurals
    • Recreational Tournaments
    • Fitness Challenge
    • Extra Tryouts
    • Extramural Tournaments

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