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Fun Ways To Learn About Ancient Egypt

    Egyptian pyramids

    Experiencing ancient cultures can be one of the most entertaining topics in World History, and Egypt is no exception. If anything, ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, of any time period.

    Unfortunately, however, today’s students associate historic education with boredom and enlightening stories with just another page on a textbook. That’s why mobile apps are one of the best tools to engage the mind of students and adults alike. Whether you’re a student studying for a test or an adult who wants to learn more about one of the most storied cultures of world history, mobile learning apps can be an engaging and effective way to learn about the ancient Egyptians.

    Reading Hieroglyphics: Firsthand Egyptian History

    While reading history books might not be very entertaining, history mobile apps can take you straight to the source. One of the most entertaining ways to learn about the ancient Egyptians is to study their hieroglyphs, so many of these mobile apps feature hieroglyphics activities and translators.

    With these kinds of tools right on your phone or tablet, you can read through the storylines of Egyptian society based on actual pictures of their hieroglyphics. Instead of reading out of the pages in a history textbook, you’ll be reading off the walls of Egyptian pyramids and structures. You’ll also be able to enjoy creating your own story out of hieroglyphics so that you can understand the Egyptian way of communication.

    Journey Through the Dynasties

    Along with entertaining hieroglyphics activities, these apps will act like a virtual chariot-ride through the centuries of dynastic rule in ancient Egypt. Every different family and Pharoah had a different story on their quest to leave a lasting legacy, and these mobile apps will take you along for the ride. With incredible detail on the most influential rulers and families and the time period, you can cover hundreds of years of Egyptian history and geography with entertaining biographies and personal stories.

    Unfolding like a television drama, many of these stories seem more like Hollywood hits than historical fact. Therefore, historic mobile app illustrations and infographics will help bring these stories to life in enlightening but interesting ways. You’ll learn more about the ruling families of ancient Egypt than you ever have, and you’ll genuinely enjoy the personal narratives from some of the most influential characters of the time.

    Gods and Games

    As you journey through the ruling families of ancient Egypt using these fun learning tools, you’ll notice how much of an impact the Egyptian gods made on their society. So understanding the whole story means diving into the fascinating gods of ancient Egypt. If you’re a fan of Greek or Roman mythology, the gods of ancient Egypt have just as much entertainment and intrigue to offer.

    You can also enjoy studying the gods and important figures of Egyptian history through mobile app games. Many of these games feature learning opportunities for students of all ages and might even be a good classroom resource for a teacher wanting to incorporate more technology into the history lesson.


    For students, teachers, and history fans alike, these mobile apps provide lots of exciting learning opportunities. You can see the full list by checking out the link below:

    Apps to Learn About Egyptian History

    With these learning tools at your disposal, you don’t have to sit through hours of boring lectures or dense pages of texts to learn about Egypt. Dive into one of the most interesting civilizations you’ll ever experience right from your mobile phone or tablet.

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