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Full List of Universities in the US that offer Full Scholarships to Students

    kaeThe United States from time memorial has been offering high quality education to both Local and International students, making it a hotspot for students seeking good education and specialization in their given fields.

    However, obtaining these quality education does not come cheap for on the average, it would cost a student $60,000 per year to cover tuition, lodging, feeding and then other expenses. The good news is that numerous Universities and colleges offer scholarship to students with solid educational achievement who are financially disadvantaged.

    These scholarships are highly competitive due to the high number of applicants recorded each year. Applicants are therefore advised to apply to schools where they have higher chances, than to apply for highly competitive scholarships such as the John Hopkins Scholarship.

    Below is a comprehensive list of all Universities offering Scholarship to international Students.

    Michigan State University

    University of Delaware, American University, Indiana University, University of Tulsa, Texas Christian University, University of Missouri, North Carolina State University, University of Buffalo, University of San Francisco, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Oregon, Howard University, Michigan Technical University, University of Arizona, University of Kentucky, Colorado State University, Louisiana State University, Arizona State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Oklahoma State University, South Carolina State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Mississippi

    University of Texas at Dallas, University of Wyoming, Florida Institute of Technology, Maryville University, Mississippi State University, University of Louisville, University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Idaho, University of Massachusetts, Lowell University of South Florida, Virginia Commonwealth University, Southern Illinois University, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of New Mexico, Ball State University, Bowling Green State University, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Emory University, Washington University in Saint, Louis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia Brandeis University, College of William and Mary, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Miami, University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State University, Southern Methodist University, Syracuse University, University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, University of Connecticut, Clemson University, Rutgers University, Michigan State University, University of Delaware, American University.


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