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Full List Of Private Universities In New Zealand Plus Tuition Fees

    5 Best Universities in New Zealand for International Stud...

    It is not a surprise that New Zealand is the new destination for international students. New Zealand is a place for reputable universities, both private and public universities.  Its cities are vibrant and economy friendly. The private universities in New Zealand offer a conducive learning environment for international students.

    New Zealand is a developed peaceful country that offers some distinct advantages over other countries about when it comes to quality universities.

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    The entry requirements into any of the private universities in New Zealand are easy to process.Also the private universities in New Zealand are very affordable compared to other universities abroad.

    After graduation, international students can apply for Graduate Job Search Work  Visa which could last for 12 months ( one year) Not just that, graduates can apply for a visa up to 24 months / 72 months, under Study to Work category.





    Business Studies


    IT and Computer Science


    Art and design


    Business management

    Health care

    Sports management

    Accounting & Finance


    Cost of Living in New Zealand

    The cost of studying in New Zealand is also much cheaper than the USA, Australia, UK, or Canada.

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    1. Auckland Hotel & Chef Training School   in Auckland
    2. AWI International College in Auckland
    3. AWI International Education Group in Auckland
    4. Abacus Institute of Studies in Christchurc
    5. Avonmore College in Christchurch
    6. Auckland Institute of Studies in Auckland
    7. Auckland Gold Star Institute in Auckland
    8. Yoobee School of Design in Christchurch
    9. Cornell Institute of Technology in Auckland
    10. Design and Art College in Christchurch
    11. Information Technology training Institute ( ITTI ) in Auckland
    12. International Academy Of New Zealand (IANZ)  in Auckland
    13. International College OF New Zealand (ICNZ) in Auckland
    14. International College of Linguistic (ICL) in Auckland
    15. International College Auckland (ICA) in Auckland
    16. International Pacific College (IPC)
    17. International Aviation Academy in Christchurch
    18. Imperial College Auckland in Auckland
    19. Kiwi Institute of Training and Education in Auckland
    20. Lincoln University in Christchurch
    21. Lifeway College in  Auckland
    22. Linguis International Institute in Auckland.
    23. Media Design School in Auckland
    24. MFH Making Future Happen International Institute in Wellington
    25. New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) Auckland
    26. New Zealand College of Business ( NZCB ) in ChristChurch
    27. New Zealand Career College (NZCC) in Auckland
    28. (North Share International Academy)NSIA    in Auckland
    29. Newton College Of Business & Tech. (NCBT ) in Auckland
    30. New Zealand Management Academics (NZMA) in Auckland
    31. New Zealand School of Education ( NZSE ) in Auckland
    32. Queens Academic Group (QAG) in Auckland
    33. Quantum college in Auckland
    34. Queenstown Resort College in Queenstown
    35. Rangitoto College in Auckland
    36. Royal Business College (RBC) in Auckland
    37. Retail Business & Management (RBMC) in Christchruch
    38. Raffles College in Auckland
    39. Victoria Institute Of New Zealand in Auckland
    40. Whitireia Polytechnic in Auckland

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    Tuition Fees in New Zealand’s Private Universities

    Each institution in New Zealand is allowed to set its own tuition fee. Tuition fee varies depending on your choice of institution.

    International students, for bachelor degree, can pay around $22,000 and $32,000.

    International students, for post graduate studies are between: $26,000- $35,000.

    Languages Used For Learning in New Zealand: The languages used in New Zealand are English and de factoo official language of New Zealand

    7 Affordable  Must- Try Delicacies In New Zealand:

    1. Kiwi Burger
    2. Jaffas
    3. Pavlova
    4. Kina
    5. Noke
    6. Huti Huti
    7. Taputini

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