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Full List Of Private Universities In Australia

    Image result for universities in AustraliaPrivate universities are consider best by parents for many reasons ranging from fast academic calendar to security of students. Many parents in particular prefer private to public universities because they feel the security of their wards are guarantee in private than public universities.

    Australia which boast of many universities that are rank among the best in the world is one of the most sought country of study in the world presently. They are universities are well equip and  are all affordable. Choosing Australia as a country of study is a right decision but there is every need for you to know about the country education system. One of the information you need about the country is the “list of private universities it has”

    There are many students who wish to study in Australia but did not know anything about the list of private university it has. Well, if  you are one of them, there is no need to worry because this article will not just list out the private universities in Australia but it will also reveal to you some important facts you may  need to know about each one of them.

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    Australia has five private universities,two of which are international private universities and the remaining three are owned by the Australian.  below is the list of private universities in Australia and some important facts you may want to know about them; you can research more and decide on the right one for you.


    Bond university

    This university is one of the best university in the world. Founded in May 15, 1998, Bound University is one of the top universities in Australia.  The university which is non-profit institution is located in Gold coast,Queensland.  It has primarily been a teaching institution with three semester per session.  It is ranked  as top three in the country in term graduate employment rate and has over 4,000 students. Bound university has 4 faculties which are faculties of law, faculties of society and design and faculties of health medicine and faculties of business.

    It charge low tuition fees and has selective admission policy.

    Carnegie Mellon university

    This university is highly regarded in Australia for being one of the best universities in the country. Carnegie MellonUniversity was established in the 1900 as a private research university. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the university has over 14,000 students from over 100 countries of the world. The university has 7 colleges all which offers program that lead to award of bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees. The 7 colleges of the university are; college of engineering, college of fine arts, Dietrich  college of humanities and social sciences, temper school of business, school of computer sciences , mellow college of science, H. John Henz iii college of information system and public policy. The university is rank 48 best university in the world by Qs world university ranking. it charge $57,119 as school fees. It has selective admission policy.


    Torrens university Australia

    This university is one of the eight 8 private  universities in Australiaand known for delivering quality education to students from all over the world. Expert and education analyst believe this university worth more than it charge considering the world class infrastructure it has and the numbers of award it has to its name.

    Torrens University which was established in year 2012; is for Profit University located in the large city of Adelaide. The university has branch campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. It has over 5,000 students and offers and programs that lead to award of bachelor’s degrees. Master degrees and doctorate degrees. It worth know that this University has selective admission policy.

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     The university of divinity

    This university is a school of theology with the aims of producing graduate who are very sound in the knowledge of the  bible. Founded in the year 1910, the university is the only university in Australia that specialized in divinity. The universities has over 4, 5000 students which are distributed into 11 theological colleges; the11 theological colleges are ;


    • Australian Lutheran college
    • Eva burrows college located in parkvie, Victoria.
    • Sydney, training college of salvation army located in NWS and central coast of Australia.
    • Catholic theological college
    • Morling college
    • Pilgrim theological college, uniting church
    • St Athanasius college
    • Jesuit college of spirituality
    • Stirling theological college
    • Trinity college theological school
    • Whitley college and
    • Yarra theological union

    This University offer courses and program that lead to award of highly recognized certificate in various field of study.It charge low tuition fees and has selective admission policy.


    The university of notre dame Australia

    The University of Notre Dame Australia which was established in year 1989, is a national Roman Catholic university. Located in new south wales,the university has campuses in broome in western Australia and fremantle . The university is one of the top universities in Australia with over 45000students. The university is made up of 9 faculties which are:

    • School of business
    • School of arts and sciences
    • School of medicine
    • School of law
    • School of health
    • School of nurse and midwifery
    • School of philosophy
    • School of physiotherapy

    The university is good choice for anybody who desire to study in Australia as the university train students with the fear of the Lord.It offers courses and programs that lead to award of highly recognised certificate in various field of study.The school charges low tuition fees and has selective admission policy.

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    In conclusion

    Australia is currently  one of the most sought country of study in the world and the reason for this is not far-fetched with keen looking to how they are universities are being  rank by Qs world university ranking  in  recent time. Australia private university are  ranked high among their contemporaries in the world due to the quality of education they delivered and  as revealed in this  article most of the universities  accept an international students but you may need to research more on your choice or wish university  to know more about criteria they used for admitting students.

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