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Full List Of Cheap Tuition Universities in Belarus

    If you are planning to study abroad, but you don’t have much budget to achieve this, why not consider studying in low tuition universities. Yes, in Europe a lot of universities charge cheap tuition fees for international students. Belarus is one of such countries where the tuition fees are low and affordable. So in today’s article, we shall discus that plus the admission requirements. At the end of the post, I shall provide you with a full list of low tuition universities in Belarus with link to the universities websites.

    Located in the eastern part of Europe, the Republic of Belarus is bordered in the west by Poland, , in the North – West by Lithuania, in the North by Latvia, in the North – East and East by Russia, in the South by Ukraine and it’s capital is the city of Minsk, which is the biggest economic, scientific, political, and cultural centre of the country and the population of the city is 1,729 million people.

    The citizens of Belarus are very kind and friendly people. Belarus welcomes all visitors who are willing to sharing its culture, traditions and sense of community. With a complex history and rich architecture Belarus is a wonderful place to explore no matter what time of year.

    Belarus population is about 9.49 million and over 70% of the people reside in urban areas. Apart from the capital city Minsk, Belarus has other large cities like Brest, Vitsebsk (Vitebsk),Hrodna (Grodno), Mahilyow (Mogilev) and Homiel (Gomel). Their major languages are Belarusian and Russian and their currency is the Belarusian ruble (Br).

    Why Choose Belarus

    For international students seeking quality education, studying in Belarus should be their best choice. This is due to the standard and quality of Educational system in Belarus. These are some reasons why you should study in Belarus;

    1. Over 6000 international students study at various institutions and Universities in Belarus every year and the number is increasing every year.

    2. Also, there is a very high chance of Permanent Residence in Europe after completion of your study program.

    3. Their tuition fee and cost of living is relatively cheap, hence international students can comfortably afford the cost of education.

    4. All Belarusian university are accepted worldwide because of their indepth research on all courses, ranging from science, art to medicine.

    5. Belarusian universities enjoy great experiences through visiting professors from all over the world.

    6. Almost all courses are taught in english medium, because of the high demand of international recognised universities.

    7. You don’t need IELTS or TOEFL for admission. Entry procedures are easy and straightforward.

    8. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet with other foriegn student with different cultures and countries.

    9. Belarus has one of the safest environment in Europe and an added advantage is that there is little or no corruption in the country.

    10. Educational Standard in Belarus is very high

    Highest Ranking Universities In Belarus

    As an international student quality education is your utmost desire, going to the best university in Belarus will help you achieve your dreams. These are the top best universities in Belarus;

    Belarusian State University

    Founded in 1921, Belarusian State University is ranked number 1 in Belarus and 551 in the world. The university is a non-profit institution located in the large city of Minsk. The 96 year old university still boasts academic excellence among other universities in the country. The university has an admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades. All International students are always welcome to apply for admission.

    Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

    Founded in 1940, Yanka Kupala University is a non- profit academic institution in Grodno. The university is rankes 2nd in Belarus and 3259th position in the world. It admission policy is selective based on entrance examination and international students can always enroll.

    Belarusian National Technical University

    Belarusian Nation Technical University was founded in 1920 and it is ranked the 3rd best university in Belarus and 4015th university in the world. The university’s admission is very selective based on the admission rate which ranges from 30-40%.

    Admission Requirements

    The admission requirement for international students is not strict, provided the student adhere to the guideline set.

    The first step you have to take when seeking for admission in Belarus is to fill the study in Belarus application form and it will be submitted to your school of choice, then you will be given a study inviation by the Migration department of Belarus for international students before further processing can be carried out. That’s the admission system in Belarus, unlike most European countries where your admission is confirmed by the schools.

    Prospective students will have to scan and send the following documents to the Belarus Migration department for International Students to obtain an official study invitation;

    1:Copy of your international passport

    2:Secondary School Certificate Copy

    3: Invitation letter processing Charges

    The processing could take 21-28 days.

    Documents needed when applying for Belarus Study Visa

    1:Valid International Passport

    2:Official study invitation by Belarus Migration department .

    3:Educational Certificates (Original)

    4:Birth Certificate (Original)

    5:HIV Test (Original)

    6:Medical Fitness Certificate (including Tuberculosis and Hepatitis and the certificate must be certified the ministry of foriegn affiars.)

    7: 10 Passport size photographs

    8:A Sponsorship letter.

    9: Recent bank statements of your sponsor (Showing bank transaction of atleast six months).

    When to Apply and Deadlines for Admission in Belarus

    For undergraduate studies application for admission begins from July 8 and ends by October 15.

    For masters studies application begins by May and ends by October 15.

    Application for admission for doctorate studies can be done at any time of the year.

    The university education in Belarus still retains the high educational standards it has cultivated since centuries ago and student laxity is not taken lightly. They ensure all students are serious. Total support and guidance is given to any student who needs counselling.

    Another important thing is the issued university admission / invitation letter because it helps guarantee your visa if you are a deserving student. As long as your invitation letter is genuine, and satisfies the Embassy requirements, the student is most likely to be issued a visa..

    One of the major problems is that most courses are not available in english language, although some medical and engineering courses are taught in English. Majority of the course are taught in Russian language, this will require a one year preparatory program to be proficient with the language.


    Belarus is one of the best places to study in the world. The standard of education in Belarus is very high, hence international students every year troop in from all over the world to study there. Their universities and other high institutions are very equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present day academic challenge. There are various medical, technical and as well as classical universities in Belarus.

    Most international students are consider Belarus as a place of academic excellence due to the friendly environment, good weather conditions, low cost of living, low tuition fees, quality education, nice and quality instructors, and lots of other qualities that enhances the standard of education in the country.

    Full List of cheap tuition universities in Belarus

    1. Belarussian State Academy of Music
    2. Belarussian State Agrarian Technical University
    3. Belarussian State Agricultural Academy
    4. Belarussian State Economic University
    5. Belarussian State Pedagogical University M. Tanka
    6. Belarussian State Polytechnical Academy
    7. Belarussian State Technological University
    8. Belarussian State University
    9. Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
    10. Brest State Technical University
    11. Brest State University
    12. European Humanities University
    13. Gomel State Medical Institute
    14. Gomel State University Francisk Scarnia
    15. Grodno State Medical Institute
    16. Grodno State University Yanka Kupaly
    17. International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology
    18. Minsk State Linguistic University
    19. Minsk State Medical Institute
    20. Mogilev Machine Building Institute
    21. Polatsk State University
    22. Vitebsk State Technological University
    23. Vitebsk State University


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