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Free Tuition Universities in Norway: Cost of Living, Admission Deadline, and VISA Application

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    Universities and state colleges in Norway are of very quality and also operate free tuition. Owing to government’s subsidy on Norwegian education, both native and international students receive higher education free of charge. In other words, Norwegian universities are tuition free! However, most private universities charge fees on certain programs and courses. Normally, most private universities in Norway charge fees and tuition.

    Cost of Living

    While living expenses can vary depending on a student’s standard of living, Norway has a reputation for being a very expensive country. It has the highest living cost in the whole of Europe. You should expect to spend roughly NOK 8900 per month. You’ll spend this amount catering for board, transport, lodgings, dental care and other incidentals.

    STUDY ABROAD 365 has put down a comprehensive list of tuition free universities, both private and public.

    List of Free Tuition Universities in Norway

    1. Norwegian Universities of Life Sciences
    2. University of Agder
    3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    4. University of Oslo
    5. University of Stavenger
    6. University of Tromso

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    Specialized University Institutions

    1. BI –Norwegian Business School
    2. Molde University College
    3. Norwegian school of veterinary Sciences
    4. Norwegian school of sport sciences
    5. School Mission and Theology
    6. Norwegian Academy of Music
    7. Norwegian School of Theology

    State University Colleges

    1. Finnmark University College
    2. Harstad University College
    3. Bergen University College
    4. Hedmark University College
    5. Nesna State University
    6. Saami University College


    1. Bergen School of Architecture
    2. Bjorknes College
    3. Norwegian College of Dance
    4. Norwegian Eurythmy College
    5. Rudolf Steiner College of Education
    6. Barrat Due Institute of Music

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    Method of Application

    If you are interested in the master’s degree program, visit the online Master’s degree program catalogue and search by program area. For undergraduate and PhD programs, you will have to check out the individual institutions requirements online. Application forms should be requested from the individual institutions and should be submitted directly to the institution. Most institutions would direct you to online portals. Take care to upload your documents onto this portal and submit.


    To obtain necessary information about admission deadlines, please check out application deadlines for individual schools. Generally speaking, the application deadline for foreign students is between December 1 to March 15. Please be informed that some institutions have deadlines earlier than this.

    Visa Application

    All international students desiring to study in Norway for more than 3 months would need a visa. Students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per month. For non EU applicants, make sure you submit all required documents including; passport photograph, a copy of your passport and the letter of admission. Submit these documents to the nearest Norwegian consulate in your country along with a processing fee of NOK 1110 (180 USD). All applicants must use the online visa application portal known as “Soknad” which is available from 1st February. The deadline is 1st March for international applicants.

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