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Fleming College, Canada: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Admission Requirements

    Fleming College was established in 1967 by the Ontario legislation. The college emerged at the time when colleges of Applied Arts and Technology were needed in the country. Fleming College is also known as Sir Sandford Fleming College, named after a Scottish engineer and inventor, Sandford Fleming. The institution is one of the 21 colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada. David B. Sutherland was the college first president. The institution has over 6,200 full-time students and about 10,000 part-time students. A Board of Governors headed by the current President, Dr. George Anthony Tilly, controls the college. Fleming College offers over 100 full-time courses in Art and Design, Business, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Justice and Community Development and many more.



    Fleming College has four campuses.

    Sutherland Campus

    In 1876, the Dobbin farm was taken and later converted to Sutherland Campus in 1983. The school was expanded and new residences were added in 2002.

    Cobourg Campus

    The Cobourg is the institution Center for Academic Upgrading and Continuing Education and Corporate Training Programs.

    Haliburton Campus

    This was formerly the Haliburton School of Fine Arts, but it was annexed to Fleming College in 1969. Haliburton Campus is the centre for Art and Design programs.

    Frost Campus

    The Frost Campus is the College centre for Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences. Formerly St. Joseph Convent, the site was acquired in 1973.


    At Fleming College tuition fees vary from campus to campus. You may visit the college website to download the breakdown of tuition fees.

    Ancillary Fees for Sutherland Campus

    Alumni $14.05

    Support Services $92.18

    Information Technology $95.00

    Athletic Fee $51.00

    Wellness Centre Member $84.15

    Student Centre Renovation Fund $40.00

    Building Fund – Sports Field $42.00

    Integrated Transportation Fee $365.00

    Health Insurance $242.00


    Applicants from other countries must produce school diploma or an equal qualification to be considered for admission. Students who apply for post-graduate programs must have the needed diploma or degree in line with the desired course of study.

    Education Requirements

    Applicants for post-graduate programs must have at least 15 years of academics in degree or diploma in addition to the requirements stated above.


    Fast Track

    Applicants who have a minimum of 15 years academics in a degree or diploma will be checked and placed in Year Two of their chosen course of study. Students with higher qualifications will be given deserving placements.

    Diplomas Certificates

    Students applying for post-secondary programs must submit Certificate of Higher Secondary with at least 50% on average with general admission requirements.

    English Proficiency

    English skill is a basic requirement for admission to Fleming College, especially for international students.


    If you have chosen Fleming College, then you need to get acquainted with the programs provided below.

    • Advanced Water System Operation Management
    • Aquaculture
    • Computer Security and Investigations
    • Business Administration
    • Project Management Course
    • Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Earth Resources Technician
    • Electrical Engineering Technician
    • Environmental Technician
    • Fish and Wildlife Technician
    • Forestry Technician
    • Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician
    • Mechanical Technician
    • Resources Drilling and Blasting’
    • Visual and Creative Arts


    Fleming College students spend on basic needs and facilities. If you are planning to be a part of the academic community at Fleming, financial preparations are vital. Here are what you should expect:

    • Textbooks $0 – 500 (per term)
    • Shared accommodation $300 – $800 (one month)
    • Mobile phone $50 – $120 (one month)
    • Food $200 – $300 (one month)
    • Miscellaneous $100 or more (one month)

    Health Cost

    All International students are responsible for health services. Fleming College does not provide health care services to students who are not Canadians. Therefore it is advisable for foreign applicants to make adequate health provisions throughout the period of program.


    MONTHLY HOUSE RENT PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,164.23
    One Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$931.58
    Three Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,879.99
    Three Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$1,512.17
    FOOD PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    Meal in a Cheap Restaurant C$ 13
    Meal for just two people C$ 3.25
    MacDonald’s Combo Meal C$ 2.43
    Local Beer C$1.31
    Foreign Beer C$ 2.09
    Cappuccino C$ 5.95
    Soft Drink C$ 3.59
    A Bottle of Water C$ 3.24
    CLOTHES AND SHOES PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    A Pair of Jeans C$60.57
    Summer Dress C$42.77
    A Pair of Nike Running Shoes C$99.66
    Men Leather Business Shoes C$124.01
    TRANSPORTATION PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One-way Local Transport C$3.15
    One Hour Taxi Waiting C$ 32.86
    Gas C$ 1.12
    Volkswagen Golf or Equivalent C$23,000.00
    Toyota Corolla or Equivalent C$ 21,606.60
    Pass (monthly) C$ 91.00
    Taxi Start C$ 3.50
    Taxi for a kilometer C$ 1.81


    • Financial Aid
    • Career Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Accessible Education Service
    • Learning Support Services and Resources


    The college makes sure students get the best by providing financial aids and scholarships to outstanding students. Over the years, Fleming College has raised about $3.3 million in scholarships.


    Students at Fleming daily enjoy the safety and peace the friendly community provides. Life in the city gives the students a balance between academics and social activities. The uninterrupted basic amenities, the wonder of city life, beckon on prospective studentst.

    Fleming campuses are equipped with recreation centres, triple gymnasium, fitness centre and many more attractions. The institution has friendly staff and large spaces to make studying fun and meaningful. Sports activities are features of the college, and students get a good dose of this exercise.


    It is no doubt Fleming College aims at providing the best possible quality education, in addition to enriching the minds of domestic and international students. If you plan to study abroad, Fleming College should top the list. It is truly a place to be.

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