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European Universities That Offer Tuition Free Masters Programs

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    In some European countries, education is seen as the bedrock of any development and a compulsory human right to be made available to all its citizens. This extends to students who are from a foreign country. What would attract students from a foreign country to European universities? The free tuition fees, qualitative educational standards and continuous educational team search are some of the reasons why the increase in the number of international students in these universities across Europe.

    Some of these European countries go as far as offering tuition free Master’s degree for international students. Most of them are free for students who are from European Union(EU) countries but some countries offer Master’s program for everyone, provided you satisfy certain criteria.

    Norway, Germany, Czech Republic and Iceland are some of the countries where you can get a tuition free Master’s degree. Some do offer tuition free programs while some come at affordable administration or registration fees.

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    RWTH Aachen University, Germany

    The RWTH Aachen University is one of the reputable technology universities in the whole of Germany. It is also the largest. The university boasts of world class educational teaching personnel and infrastructure, all accessible to both local and international students at no tuition cost. This is why the university can boast of a huge international students presence, as lots of non EU students flock to the university to garner qualitative education at no cost. For English speaking international students, there is no language barrier as most Master’s program are delivered in English. Cost of living is affordable at this university.


    Heidelberg University, Germany

    The Heidelberg University is the oldest university in the whole of Germany. Founded in 1836, it is renowned for been one of the best educational research institutions in the European continent. The university is reputed for offering high standards of education with no tuition fees required, whether you are a German citizen or an international student. Here also, English speaking international students will enjoy their masters programmes without having to learn German.

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    Technical University of Munich, Germany

    This university boasts of offering qualitative educational standards for both European Union and non European union students alike, at no tuition fees. The only fee required of all students is the semester fee of 114.50 Euros, which covers the cost of the student body fee and the public transport ticket for a whole semester.

    Humboldt University, Berlin

    The Humboldt University was established in 1810, and is located in the historic city of Berlin. It offers high standard of education at no tuition fees, for both domestic and international students. The only fee required is a annual semester fee of between $55-$280.

    University of Oslo, Norway

    This is the oldest and largest city in the whole of Norway. With the government funds backing the funding of the university, local and international students are not required to pay any tuition fees. Established in 1811, the university is located in the beautiful capital of Oslo. It boasts of four Nobel Prize winners, attesting to the premium placed on educational research. The only fee required of students is the registration fee of 70 Euros for every semester. The cost of living is a little bit on the high side, but stocking to your budget should get you through.

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    University of Bergen, Norway

    This is a university funded by the government so both domestic and foreign students do not have to pay any amount in tuition fees. The only fee to be paid by students is the semester fee. They have two campuses- the Årstadvollen and the Nygårdshøyden, which house the health sciences and social sciences respectively. The cost of living is on the high but with financial discipline, you can cope quite well.

    Charles University, Prague

    With more than 600 years of delivering university education and having some of the oldest universities in the European continent, Czech Republic is one of the best countries to study for a Master’s. There are no tuition fees in Czech universities whether you are from an EU or Non EU country, with a $20 registration fee the only payment required. Though there are a few Master’s program in English that require paying a low fee. Charles university which is the oldest university in Czech Republic, was established in 1348 and is located in the capital of Prague.

    Masaryk University, Czech Republic

    This is a public university so students of biblical and international status are not required to buy any tuition fees. All they would charge is a registration fee of just $20. The application process is stress-free, and can be done through their web portal. The cost of living is also pretty cheap.

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    University of Iceland, Reykjavik

    Universities in Iceland provide quality education at absolutely no fee to local and foreign students. All that is required is a $600 registration fee. The university of Iceland, one of the largest universities in the country, does not charge any tuition fees. There are a few Master’s programme delivered in English.

    Reykjavík University

    A public funded university , there is absolutely to tuition fees required to b paid by domestic and foreign students alike. The registration fee of $600 is compulsory though. Most of their masters degree programmes are delivered in Icelandic language, with a few in English.

    Aalto University, Finland

    The Aalto University is located in the historic capital of Helsinki. At this university, you are assured of high standards of education at no cost in tuition fees. It is compulsory to get a residence permit before applying to any Finnish university.


    University of Helsinki, Finland

    Running a masters program in the University of Helsinki is at no cost, with the public funds backing the university expenses. With high premium placed on educational as well as scientific research, you are guaranteed high standards of education at this university, with well renowned lecturers and world class infrastructure. The cost of living in Helsinki is affordable, provided you adhere to your monthly budget .

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