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Essay Writing Free Online: Things You Shouldn’t Pay for When Ordering Online

    Ordering academic papers online doesn’t surprise people anymore. There are so many sites with the US, the UK, or international writers, as well as there are tons of review platforms to check their reliability.

    There are services like that offer plenty of free features, high quality of writing, and affordable rates. They show that bonuses are an essential part of a customer-oriented writing service. But there are also services that think everything needs a price tag, no matter how little time and effort it takes. So, in this article, we show what things have to be free on any helper website.

    #1: Free Essay Samples

    While a free essay writing service is more of a dream, a client-oriented company should offer free samples. They should be a great example of how the service’s writers practice English and avoid plagiarism. It may be a full essay or several paragraphs, even a book, it doesn’t matter.

    Writer-specific samples may cost extra, of course, but every service should provide at least one example to help students understand if this is the writing style they need.

    #2: Free Formatting

    So, some services make you buy free essays format, whatever it sounds like. Formatting a paper is a matter of minutes, especially if the writer knows the peculiarities of those or at least has examples.

    Besides, there is special software with formatting tools, so sometimes the process takes no more than one click. So, what’s the point of charging students for that? Companies who really want to help, like, never charge for something like that.

    #3: Free Revisions

    If a customer applies for a revision, it means the writer messed something up. Some of the common things are:

    • Wrong understanding of the topic;
    • Too few cited sources;
    • Wrong word count;
    • Unmet requirements that were specified in the order;
    • Plagiarism.

    First of all, if it’s plagiarism, consider finding another writing service. For all the other cases, it happens, writers are people as well and sometimes they miss, no matter how many tests they have passed. It’s a plain human factor. But, if such an inconvenience happens, the service must provide free revisions.

    A reliable writing service should have a Revision Policy containing all the details students have to know. Those include the time limit for the application, types of mistakes they cover, etc. is exactly such a company.

    #4: Title and Bibliography Pages

    Just like the formatting, creating these sections takes several minutes, no matter what the essay topics are. There are programs that allow automatic reference list compilation. Any guide, course, or tutor can help a writer train to create these pages in a couple of moments. And a reliable writing service has to test their candidates and make sure they know how to do such stuff.

    Moreover, there are templates for these standard pages that don’t need a creative approach. They save time and ensure the absence of mistakes in the formatting of the sections. All this makes the title and bibliography pages something that has to be free.

    While you should pay for a job someone does, especially if it helps you get better grades without reading tons of books, some things should remain free. A lot of services charge students for the smallest things that take a minute to do. So, it’s best to choose user-oriented websites that will take care of your papers while you’re attending courses, watching tutorials, or taking part in contests. WriteEssays is just a website for that, so make sure you check it out.


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