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Dawson College, Canada: Location, Programs, Cost Of Study and Admission Requirements

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    Dawson College was founded in 1969 when it received a charter to set up the first English-speaking College of General and Professional Education. This is a special type of education which exists only in Quebec. Students must complete a six-year primary school and move on to a five-year secondary education. At grade 11 they apply for CEGEP, which serves as a preparatory ground for university education and for career training. The college began with about 111 teachers and 1,655 students. Being the biggest of the CEGEP network, Dawson College has grown to have more than 10,000 day and night students in over 30 disciplines. So far, the institution has graduated over 70,000 people since 1969.

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    Dawson College is located in Quebec, Canada. It is built on 12 acres land which was the original site of a nunnery before the institution bought and renovated it.


    At Dawson, the following programs are available:

    Pre-University Programs

    Creative Arts

    • Arts and Culture
    • Cinema-Communications
    • Interactive Media Arts
    • Languages
    • Literature
    • Studio Arts
    • Visual Arts


    • Pure and Applied Science
    • Health Science
    • Environmental Science
    • Exploration Science
    • Developmental Science

    Social Science

    • General Social Science
    • Commerce
    • Child Studies
    • Environmental Studies
    • International Business Studies
    • Law, Society and Justice
    • North-South Studies
    • Psychology
    • Travel and Tourism

    Liberal Arts

    Career and Technical Programs

    • 3D Animation and Computer-Generated
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Industrial Design
    • Professional Photography
    • Professional Theatre

    Science, Medical Studies, and Environment

    • Biomedical Laboratory Technology
    • Civil Engineering Technology
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Electronics Engineering Technology
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Nursing
    • Physiotherapy
    • Radiation Oncology

    Social Science and Business Technology

    • Accounting and Management Technology
    • Business Management
    • Community Recreation and Leadership Training
    • Computer Science Technology
    • Social Science

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    For Quebec Students

    Candidates living in Quebec must have the Quebec Secondary Diploma (DES) or an equal qualification. Apart from that, applicants must finish the following courses:

    • Language Instruction (Secondary Five)
    • Second Language (Secondary Five)
    • Science or Physical Science (Secondary Five)
    • Mathematics (Secondary Five)
    • History (Secondary Five)

    Documents Required

    • Candidates are to send a photocopy of Grade 11 results.
    • Candidates who attend a post-secondary school are to send their current transcripts.

    Other Documents Required

    • Students born in Quebec must attach their birth certificate.
    • Students born outside Quebec must attach birth certificate which states place of birth.
    • Students born outside the country must add a photocopy of birth certificate issued by the Canada and a document to proof their Canadian status.

    For International Students

    • Applicants must send their birth certificate to the college.
    • An application fee of $30 is required.
    • Applicants outside Canada must pay a compulsory $50 for result evaluation.
    • Candidates are to send secondary transcripts plus all examination scores. This is important even if candidates have completed post-secondary education.
    • TOEFL with a minimum score of 61 (internet base), 175 for computer base, and 500 for paper base tests is a compulsory requirement for candidates who have English as second language.
    • Candidates may also take IELTS instead of TOEFL with a minimum score of 6.0.

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    Full-time International Students $6,059 – $9,393 per semester

    Other fees are found on the college website.


    Student Service Fee $25 – $100

    Dawson Student Union Fee $13 – $25

    Mandatory Instructional Service $6 – $25

    Canadian Non-Quebec Resident Student Fees $5 – $1,430

    Convocation Fee $10

    MARKETS PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    A Liter of Milk C$ 2.12
    A Loaf of White Bread C$2.76
    A Kilogram of White Rice C$ 3.92
    A Dozen Eggs C$3.28
    A kilogram of Cheese C$11.78
    A Kilogram Boneless Chicken Breast C$12.69
    Round Beef C$13.57
    A kilogram of Apples C$3.84
    Bananas (one kilogram) C$1.76
    Oranges C$3.74
    Tomatoes C$3.61
    Potatoes C$2.39
    Onions C$2.37
    Lettuce C$2.21
    Water (a liter and half bottle) C$2.21
    Bottle of wine (Medium size) C$15.00
    Local Beer (half a liter) C$2.3
    Foreign Beer C$3.16
    Cigarette (one pack) C$13.00
    TRANSPORTATION PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One-way Local Transport C$3.15
    One Hour Taxi Waiting C$ 32.86
    Gas C$ 1.12
    Volkswagen Golf or Equivalent C$23,000.00
    Toyota Corolla or Equivalent C$ 21,606.60
    Pass (monthly) C$ 91.00
    Taxi Start C$ 3.50
    Taxi for a kilometer C$ 1.81
    MONTHLY UTILITIES PRICE (Canadian Dollars C$)
    Electricity, Garbage, Water, Heating and Cooling C$139.18
    Prepaid Mobile Tariff C$0.32
    Unlimited Internet Access C $67.01
    MONTHLY HOUSE RENT PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,164.23
    One Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$931.58
    Three Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,879.99
    Three Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$1,512.17
    CLOTHES AND SHOES PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    A Pair of Jeans C$60.57
    Summer Dress C$42.77
    A Pair of Nike Running Shoes C$99.66
    Men Leather Business Shoes C$124.01


    First Choice Science is the opportunity the college gives to students who chose the school as their first choice university. Because of the limited slots, students write a competitive exam from which the best are selected and offered admission.


    At Dawson, learning can take a very humanistic approach, where students gather in small groups to study English and humanities.


    Students can compete in double-credit courses such as English, French, History and Humanities. This method takes the form of a seminar in which the teacher leads the discussions.

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    Dawson College has 825 officially funded clubs, and 8 non-funded ones. These clubs are in form of religious, academic, language, sports, cultural and program-based groups.


    To create the best learning environment for students, Dawson College has provided the following services:

    • Academic Advising
    • Academic Centre
    • Language Lab
    • Library
    • Office of Academic Development
    • Office of Academic Development


    • Awards and Scholarships
    • Counseling and Career Development
    • Mentor Aid
    • Health Services
    • Student Employment

    Dawson College has made great impact in Quebec and Canada. Students are encouraged to believe in themselves, work hard and realize their full potentials. So far, the institution has produced notable alumni such as Eddy Dorozowsky, Jeff Fuch and many others in various fields.

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