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Dankook University, Korea: Ranking, Tuition Fees, Cost of Living and Admission Requirements

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    Dankook University, commonly called DKU or DU, was founded in 1947 as a private Research University. The institution took off just after the Korean National Liberation Day. The first locations of the university were Jongno and Yongsan Districts. Dankook University has campuses located in Jukjeon and Cheonan in South Korea. The University had about 960 students in the early days, but today it has over 22,000 undergraduates and 8,000 graduate students. The institution elevates such virtues as National Salvation, Independence, Self Reliance, Truth and Service.


    Some rankings place Dankook at 31st in Korea and 190th in Asia. However, in the 2018 South Korea university rankings, Dankook University ranks 26. This is the latest university rankings in the country so far.

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    Dankook University has two unique locations:

    • Jukjeon Campus
    • Cheonan Campus


    The following are undergraduate courses offered at Jukjeon Campus:

    • College of Liberal Arts
    • College of Art and Design
    • College of Law
    • College of Natural Science
    • College of Social Science
    • College of Management and Business
    • College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture
    • College of Education
    • College of Music

    Cheonan Campus offers the following undergraduate courses:

    • College of Cultural Science
    • College of Social Science
    • College of management and Business
    • College of High Technology
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Bioresource Science
    • College of Art
    • College of Physical Education
    • College of Medicine
    • Dental College

    Post-graduate Courses

    • Humanities and Social Science
    • Natural Science
    • Engineering
    • Arts and Sports Science
    • Medicine
    • Convergence


    Undergraduates $14,000 per year

    Post-graduates $16,000 per year

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    • Candidates who are not Koreans or whose parents are non-Koreans may apply for admission to Dankook University.
    • Candidates with dual citizenship are not eligible.
    • Candidates must complete the compulsory 12 years normal education before applying.
    • Candidates must be physically available for a written exam or must send level 3 TOPIK.


    FOOD PRICE ( South Korean Won )
    Meal in a Cheap Restaurant 7,000.00
    Meal for just two people 40,000.00
    MacDonald’s Combo Meal 6,000.00
    Local Beer 3,000.00
    Foreign Beer 5,000.00
    Cappuccino 4,407.97
    Soft Drink 1,608.88
    A Bottle of Water 799.81
    MARKETS PRICE ( South Korean Won )
    A Liter of Milk 2,388.83
    A Loaf of White Bread 2,760.64
    A Kilogram of White Rice 4,016.32
    A Dozen Eggs 3,356.29
    A kilogram of Cheese 16,268.79
    A Kilogram Boneless Chicken Breast 9,220.00
    Round Beef 24,162.07
    A kilogram of Apples 6,678.57
    Bananas (one kilogram) 4,176.41
    Oranges 6,000.00
    Tomatoes 5,515.00
    Potatoes 3,510.00
    Onions 2,926.47
    Lettuce 2,380.00
    Water (a liter and half bottle) 1,214.29
    Bottle of wine (Medium size) 17,500.00
    Local Beer (half a liter) 2,089.47
    Foreign Beer 3,541.03
    Cigarette (one pack) 4,500.00
    TRANSPORTATION PRICE ( South Korean Won)
    One-way Local Transport 1,250.00
    One Hour Taxi Waiting 10,560.00
    Gas 1,519.45
    Volkswagen Golf or Equivalent 30,900,000.00
    Toyota Corolla or Equivalent 27,276,666,67
    Pass (monthly) 55,000.00
    Taxi Start 3,000.00
    Taxi for a kilometer 1,000.00
    Electricity, Garbage, Water, Heating and Cooling 159,130.09
    Prepaid Mobile Tariff 155.41
    Unlimited Internet Access 25,442.16
    MONTHLY HOUSE RENT PRICE ( South Korean Won )
    One Bedroom Apartment in the City 663,496.65
    One Bedroom Apartment Outside the City 413,870.25
    Three Bedroom Apartment in the City 1,580539.81
    Three Bedroom Apartment Outside the City 983,045.42
    CLOTHES AND SHOES PRICE ( South Korean Won )
    A Pair of Jeans 546,428.57
    Summer Dress 44,255.32
    A Pair of Nike Running Shoes 98,461.54
    Men Leather Business Shoes 134,222.22

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    To give students the best support, Dankook University has the various students services provided below:

    • Cafeteria
    • Bookstore
    • Optician’s
    • Dunkin Donuts
    • Coffee Shop
    • Snacks
    • Photocopy Room
    • University Clinic
    • Bank
    • ATM
    • Post Office
    • Female Students’ Lounge
    • Male Students’ Shower Room
    • Parking Office


    Dankook University manages 22 research bodies. Some of these are:

    • Oriental Research Institute
    • The Information Display Research Institute
    • The Buried Cultural Property Research Institute
    • The Special Education Research Institute
    • The Medical Laser Research Institute


    Cultural Activities

    Students of Dankook University may select an activity they like to take part in. Once selected, students are not allowed to change their choice after Orientation Program. However, these activities are not compulsory and they hold after each class. Fees are applicable.

    • Ceramic Arts
    • Temple Stay
    • Korean Traditional Dance
    • Non-verbal Musical
    • Mud Festival
    • Taekwando
    • K-pop Dance
    • Korean Movie
    • DMZ/JSA
    • Making Kimchi
    • Amusement Park


    Dankook University is associated with other universities around the world. It has developed a range of activities and programs through this affiliation.

    Study Abroad Program

    This is a program that provides students the opportunity to improve their language skills at affiliate universities. Students go to universities outside their base to refine their use of language. Dankook University pays the cost of running this program.

    Short Term Visiting Program

    Dankook University provides both staff and students the rare opportunity to get more exposed in their areas of discipline and global perspective. This provision gives room for updating academic and social standards through interaction with people from around the world.

    International Summer/Winter

    Dankook University welcomes students from associate and non-associate universities or colleges. This is termed summer/winter schools.

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    Global Talent Network

    At Dankook, Korean and non-Korean students often organize interesting and interactive programs which enhance cooperation and mutual understanding across race and continents.

    Dankook University offers the best education especially for students who want an academic environment that promotes research, language development, cooperation and collaboration across continents and race. Any student who plans to study in Korea should make Dankook the first choice. Dankook University offers some of the best programs in Asia. When next Asia comes to mind, think Korea and choose Dankook University. The institution track record and the success of the school alumni attest to the quality education at Dankook.

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