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Could it be advantageous to Conduct Employment Tests?




    Business enterprises that need to hire employees for their workplace need to follow a certain recruiting process to hire candidates who are qualified, skilled, and suit the working requirements of the job. The recruiting process is one of the crucial aspects of an enterprise. Hiring the right employees will go a long way in helping the business prosper and achieve success.

    Every enterprise has its own recruiting process, though the most common stage in all the processes is the employment test. Also known as an aptitude test, skill test, assessment test, etc. this initial test will assess the skills of the candidates and gauge the extent to which the candidates are able to implement the subjects they have learned in practice. The limited time frame, a fixed number of questions will test the abilities of the candidates.

    Conducting employment tests can be done manually or virtually. Many enterprises prefer to conduct the tests virtually as it simplifies the task. The candidates can attend the test from their homes in any location.

    Now, enterprises can further simplify the process by outsourcing the task of conducting the pre-employment tests to companies that have been started exclusively for the purpose. There are quite a few companies in the market that conduct the employment test on a large scale on behalf of the business enterprises. Moreover, it has been found that enterprises save around 70% of their time and 60% of the cost when they choose to hire a company for conducting the tests.

    There are different types of pre-employment tests that can be conducted. It depends on the requirements of the enterprise. Some prefer to have the basic skill-sets assessed while others opt to go for a comprehensive test which includes even the aptitude and behavioral testing to know if the candidate is capable of fitting into the working environment.

    If the business enterprises opt for a skill-based test, it can further be classified into subject and topic based tests which have specific questions related to the job. Every company has a database that covers almost all levels and fields of jobs. They also have pre-designed test forms which the enterprises can use for conducting the tests.

    Even though the tests are conducted by the companies, it falls onto the enterprises or the HR personnel of the enterprise to finalize the test form. Test Advisors from the companies assist the personnel in creating a test form that best suits the requirements of the job and the enterprise.

    In fact, most companies offer enterprises to design a customized test form that includes questions and information exclusive to the business. Documents, audio files, and files with other formats can be uploaded and included in the test form. The information will be safeguarded and kept secure and confidential by the company.

    The existing HR systems can also be integrated with the testing systems for the duration during which the employment test is being conducted. This helps the personnel work on a single system rather than shuffling between numerous systems at once.

    The companies not just conduct the tests but also access them and provide a comprehensive shortlist of selected candidates who have proved themselves in the test. Enterprises then move on to conducting other tests and interview for the candidates, shortlisting the meritorious ones as the process continues. And, finally, the candidates that best fit the job are hired.

    • Data Entry
    • Hardware and Networking
    • Legal, Safety, Administration
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Operating Systems
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Call Center
    • Accounting and Financial Management
    • Application and Web Development
    • Hospitality
    • Health Care, etc.

    Are some of the topics on which the companies conduct the tests. Each topic is divided into numerous sub-topics some or all of which can be used while designing a test form.

    Behavioral and Personality tests are conducted to assess the characteristic traits of the candidates. Though the tests do not guarantee perfect results as the candidates can lie and provide answers that the enterprise is looking for, these tests can still provide an insight into the thought process and behavioral patterns of the candidates and are useful for the enterprises.

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