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Cost Of Studying In St Claire College, Canada Plus Admission Requirements


    St. Clair College was founded in 1966 within the same period when several other colleges of applied arts and technology came into being. The institution was originally called Western Ontario Institute of Technology established in 1958 as an annexation to former Ryerson Institute. A year later, thetwo institutions merged to form a single college. Since then, St. Clair College has experienced rapid growth and popularity. It has 10,000 full-time students which include 1,100 International students and about 8,000 others in Continuing Education.

    St. Clair offers over 120 certificate, degree, apprenticeship and post-graduate programs. It has also raised $1.5 million in bursaries and scholarships over the years. The college, like many others, was established to offer courses and certificates in practical areas. The college also provides continuing education to surrounding communities.

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    St. Clair College of Arts and Technology is situated in areas conducive to academic learning. The institution has four campuses including the main campus in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In summary, St. Clair has the following campuses:

    • Windsor Campus, which is the main campus in Windsor
    • St. Clair Center for Arts, located in Windsor
    • Mediaplex, in Windsor
    • The Thames Campus, located in Chatham


    St. Clair College charges an application fee of $125 for post-secondary programs and English as a Second Language. Each program has its own specific tuition fees. If you need the list of courses and tuition fees, go to the school website and download as PDF. However, the college has the sole rights to check tuition fees without notifying the students involved.

    The total amount students are to budget yearly for all programs is $20,000 to $24,000.


    $1,000 – $1,500 yearly


    $5,000 yearly (for campus)

    $400 – $800 monthly (outside campus)

    Local Transportation

    $60 monthly


    FOOD PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    Meal in a Cheap Restaurant C$ 13
    Meal for just two people C$ 3.25
    MacDonald’s Combo Meal C$ 2.43
    Local Beer C$1.31
    Foreign Beer C$ 2.09
    Cappuccino C$ 5.95
    Soft Drink C$ 3.59
    A Bottle of Water C$ 3.24
    MARKETS PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    A Liter of Milk C$ 2.12
    A Loaf of White Bread C$2.76
    A Kilogram of White Rice C$ 3.92
    A Dozen Eggs C$3.28
    A kilogram of Cheese C$11.78
    A Kilogram Boneless Chicken Breast C$12.69
    Round Beef C$13.57
    A kilogram of Apples C$3.84
    Bananas (one kilogram) C$1.76
    Oranges C$3.74
    Tomatoes C$3.61
    Potatoes C$2.39
    Onions C$2.37
    Lettuce C$2.21
    Water (a liter and half bottle) C$2.21
    Bottle of wine (Medium size) C$15.00
    Local Beer (half a liter) C$2.3
    Foreign Beer C$3.16
    Cigarette (one pack) C$13.00
    TRANSPORTATION PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One-way Local Transport C$3.15
    One Hour Taxi Waiting C$ 32.86
    Gas C$ 1.12
    Volkswagen Golf or Equivalent C$23,000.00
    Toyota Corolla or Equivalent C$ 21,606.60
    Pass (monthly) C$ 91.00
    Taxi Start C$ 3.50
    Taxi for a kilometer C$ 1.81
    MONTHLY UTILITIES PRICE (Canadian Dollars C$)
    Electricity, Garbage, Water, Heating and Cooling C$139.18
    Prepaid Mobile Tariff C$0.32
    Unlimited Internet Access C $67.01
    MONTHLY HOUSE RENT PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    One Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,164.23
    One Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$931.58
    Three Bedroom Apartment in the City C$1,879.99
    Three Bedroom Apartment Outside the City C$1,512.17
    CLOTHES AND SHOES PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
    A Pair of Jeans C$60.57
    Summer Dress C$42.77
    A Pair of Nike Running Shoes C$99.66
    Men Leather Business Shoes C$124.01

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    • If you are an immigrant or not a Canadian citizen, you are to get a Study Permit and an Acceptance Letter from St. Clair College to be eligible for admission.
    • Applicants from the United States and Canada must have diploma or Grade 12 transcripts.
    • Prospective students from the Caribbean must have diploma and transcript.
    • Candidates from West Africa must send either WAEC or NECO transcripts together with online scratch card and PIN.
    • Applicants from South Asia are required to present school diploma and Grade 12 transcript.

    Admission Requirements to the English for Academic Purpose

    • Prospective students must be 18 years and above or high school graduates.
    • Applicants can begin study anytime in Spring, Winter and Fall Semesters.
    • School fees depend on the number of lectures received.
    • Students may apply for post-secondary courses at the end of the program.

    General Admission Requirements

    • All applicants must be 18 years and above and must have finished Grade 12 or its equal.
    • All transcript submitted to the school must be written in English.



    If you have chosen St. Clair College, then you need to know about the amazing programs the school offers. The programs are listed below.

    • Bachelor of Applied Technology
    • Apprentice Programs, English as a Second Language and Post-secondary Career Programs
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Business and Information Technology
    • Community Studies
    • Engineering Technologies
    • Health Sciences
    • Media, Art and Design
    • Apprenticeship
    • Bachelor Degree Programs


    Windsor has over 220,000 vibrant multicultural population. The small community enjoys the rural life as well as the big city life due to the shared international boundaries with Detroit, Michigan. The people observe local festivals, the gains of tourism and new businesses. The community also has access to shopping, theater, and outstanding concerts in downtown Windsor.

    Student life at St. Clair is the best any candidates cannot afford to miss. The friendly population, the motivating environment, quality education, and career-oriented programs, are the dreams of many students.

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    St. Clair offers the best in programs and has been a foremost college of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada. Students are sure to get their money worth throughout the time of their academic programs. None can afford to miss being a part of St. Clair. It is an experience with life-long benefits.

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