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Cost Of Study and Living In Singapore Institute Of Technology, Singapore

    Singapore Institute of Technology is a relatively new university in Singapore. In actual fact, it is holds the position of being the 5th university in Singapore. Birthed in 2009, the Singapore Institute of Technology has taken its place as one of the leading contenders in providing quality and sound education for her students. As a public university, SIT core values rest on ensuring that her students get hands on experience not just from the classroom alone but from the industry and community as well. It is no wonder the school is classed as the Applied learning university in Singapore.

    The 5000 undergraduate students in the school offering more than 40-degree programmes who enjoy the excellent teaching and exceptional platform for learning that SIT provides, all owe thanks to the 2005 initiative by the ministry of education of Singapore to partner with overseas universities with indigenous polytechnic. This collaboration sort to look at a more optimized way by which graduates from polytechnic can offer programs peculiar to their line of study. All this is aimed at bolstering the Singaporean economy and creating a robust practical learning experience for the students.


    The university has its main campus located at Dover where the school’s degree courses are undertaken. Also, SIT also have a campus each in the 5 polytechnics in Singapore where the overseas university partner courses are offered. The school is looking at moving both the SIT courses as well as the Overseas programs to a permanent site in punggol in the year 2021.

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    The tuition fees of the Singapore Institute of technology is on a fixed model basis. The school fees paid at the first year of admission is what will be paid all through the specified 4 years of the program. The government encourages education in the country and it is no surprise that the tuition fees are subsidies by them. The subsidy is of different criteria and it depends on the class of student you fall into the following categories:

    • Citizens of Singapore
    • Permanent residents of Singapore
    • International students

    You can download the PDF file that contains the comprehensive breakdown of the school’s tuition fees


    The school provides a wide range of assistance in terms of finances to her students who would require such. Apart from the already subsidized tuition fees by the government, there are still lots of financial assistance for students in the form of

    • Bursaries
    • Study grants
    • Loans
    • Scholarships
    • Assistant schemes


    The scholarships are provided to outstanding students in the areas of academic excellence, strong leadership skills as well as societal impact. There various scholarships opportunities available in the school

    • MOE scholarship
    • External scholarship
    • SIT scholarships
    • Bond-free scholarships

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    The admission into the Singapore Institute of Technology is simply on a merit basis and as such the competition is very high. The school takes it’s time to screen applicants thoroughly on the basis of academic performance, leadership qualities and both extra/co-curricular activities.

    An interview will be carried out to properly access your academic qualifications, passion for your desired field of study and your co-curricular activities.

    Depending on your area of study, the admission requirements are broken down into 6 categories. Each of the categories has its onset of requirements. The 6 categories are

    • Local diplomas
    • A level
    • International students
    • Programme-Specific
    • Credit exemptions
    • Others

    Irrespective of the categories, the following are required across all boards

    • Submission of an online application
    • Application fee of $18
    • Interview
    • Health examination

    International students are required to apply for a study pass upon admission into the school.

    The school’s website provides a well-articulated breakdown of the entire admission requirements and the admission process


    SIT and its overseas partners offer a wide array of degrees to her students. These degrees are tailored to give the students the right knowledge and expertise to tackle the economy and industry. The undergraduate programs offered by the school are

    • Engineering
    • Infocomm technology
    • Design and specialized businesses
    • Health and social sciences
    • Chemical engineering and food technology


    SIT is an applied learning institution that prides itself in hands on learning experience. The school features a student work study program that looks at bridging the gap between class room learning and industrial application. The program lasts for 8-12months. In that duration, the students are primed into knowing what it takes to work in the industry effectively.


    Food Cost (s$)
    Lunchtime menu 12
    Fastfood menu 8
    500g chicken 4.90
    1l milk 3.15
    12 large eggs 3.87
    1kg tomatoes 2.86
    Bread for 2 people for 1 day 2.34
    1kg apples 2.88
    2l coca-cola 1.69
    1kg of potatoes 1.91
    Housing Cost (s$)
    85m2 monthly rent (city apartment) 3488
    85m2 monthly rent (normal apartment) 2640
    45m2 monthly rent (city apartment) 2940
    45m2 monthly rent (normal apartment) 1992
    Monthly utilities (85m2 apartment) 148
    Monthly utilities (45m2 apartment) 110
    Internet (monthly) 41
    Others Cost (s$)
    Toothpaste 3.88
    Antibiotics (1 pack) 25
    4 rolls of toilet paper 2.90
    Monthly ticket (public transportation) 88
    1l of gas 2.17
    2 tickets movies 24
    Cappuccino 6

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    Tagged “Singapore’s applied learning university’, SIT is truly worth the name. The school provides a coordinated learning environment where learning and industrial hands on experience are the bedrock of the institution. They implement an innovative approach to learning. The students are well nurtured to deliver optimal results. Part of the reason why students of SIT are highly employable is because of the integrated work study programme the school implements. The work study programme creates the perfect blend between learning and industry

    The school is located in one of the most multicultural destination in the world. Singapore provides a balance between urban and rural qualities. As a multicultural center, it is fully loaded with a robust history and futuristic potential. There are festivals galore, amazing theaters, shopping centers, sporting avenues and a whole lot more. The city is very welcoming and accommodating to its inhabitants and most especially students.

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