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Cost of living in low tuition universities in Luxembourg, Norway and Slovenia

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    The Luxembourg Educational system has made provision for both local and international students to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD program, through an online application process.

    Method of application:

    • Search and find the University offering your preferred program, then log in to apply
    • After creating an online account, you shall be notified to upload the necessary document needed, depending on your level of preferred study.               Or

    You can forward your application to

    Student Services – Service des Etudes et de la Vie Etudiante

    Campus Limperstberg

    162a, Avenue de la Faïencerie

    L-1511 Luxembourg (EU)

    Cost of Living in Luxembourg

    The cost of living falls between €400 – €600 per month. This shall cover cost of up keeping, tuition and registration fees.


    Norwegian Universities are tuition free for both local and international Students due to the government’s effort in subsidizing education. This is only applicable to Public Universities, as a majority of Private Institutions charge tuition fees.

     Cost of Living in Norway

    Due to the high living cost Norway is reputed for, prospective student shall spend between NOK 8,900 per month depending on student. This shall carter for transport, accommodation, health care etc.



    Slovenia offers one of the best choices for students wishing to study in Europe. Tuition in Slovenia is absolutely free. Being a member of the Schengen Area and Eurozone, student a afforded the rare opportunity of exploring other European countries at no visa charges.

    Cost of Living

    Below gives a summary of living cost in Slovenia

    • Lodging: €80-€120 (Students Hostel)

    €200 – €500 (Private accommodation)

    • Study Material: €0.05 per photocopied Material
    • Student feeding: €3 – €4 per meal
    • Meal for two in a middle range restaurant: €25 – €30
    • Tea: €1.8
    • Gasoline: €1.4 per liter
    • Glass of beer: €2
    • Glass of wine: €1.5
    • Coffee in a general Pub: €1.5
    • Big Mac: €2.5
    • Cinema Ticket: €4.5
    • Theatrical viewing: €15
    • Loaf of bread: €1.5
    • Milk per liter: €1
    • Apples: €1.5
    • Transportation: €1.2 (using city buses in Ljubljana)

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