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Cost of living and studying in Belgium, Russia and Germany

    The cost of living in Belgium is put at 850 euro per month and that should cover the cost of food, housing, health care services, plus books and leisure. Please note that these figures are a mere estimation and are subject to change depending on a student’s spending habit.

    Here’s a breakdown of the estimation:

    Courses, books 35 €
    Accommodation 400 €
    Food  300 €
    Healthcare (insurance, medical costs) 20 €
    Public transport 40 €
    Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure …)  55 €
    Or a total of around  850 €/ month

    Here are also a few examples of prices in Belgium:

    A newspaper (daily) 1.20 €
    10 bus/tram/underground tickets 12.50 €
    A sandwich 2.50 to 3.80 €
    One entrance ticket to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre 6 €
    A cinema ticket 8 €
    A can of soft drink 1 €
    A loaf of bread (800 gr) 2 €

    Cost of Living in Russia


    The cost of Food in Russia is very cheap. An international student should expect to spend between 150-200 per month, depending on his/her eating habit. There are numerous and delicious varieties of food available in any Russian university for an international student to enjoy.

    Cost of living in Germany

    Although it’s well known that Germany enjoys one of the highest standards of living, however, the living expenses are highly affordable when compared with other top European countries. Please note that the living expenses in Germany will largely depend on your lifestyle, city and type of accommodation you’d choose. Statistically, its been proven that Germans and international students spend roughly 1/3rd of their tax free income on accommodation. In a nutshell, you should expect to spend roughly €450 on living expenses.

    *Rent & Utilities: €200

    *Private accommodation > €300

    *Shared flat or Student residence around €200

    -*Internet & Mobile phone –  €30

    *Mobile flat rate – €15

    *Internet DSL flat rate – €15

    *A separate section is dedicated for a detailed analysis of mobile & DSL contracts

    * Health insurance – €60

    *A separate section is dedicated for a detailed analysis of popular health insurance options

    *Food & Drinks – €125

    *Miscellaneous expenditure – €50

    The above cost is an estimate of what a student should spend. But these costs vary greatly depending on a students spending power.



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