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Comprehensive list of low tuition universities in Poland

    If you don’t have much money to pay for tuition in places like the UK, US and Australia, why not make up your mind to study in Poland. Poland has lots of colleges and institute of higher learning that offer qualitative education at a reduced cost. Their tuition fees ranges from €2500  to €5000 depending on the program and language of instruction. For example, the tuition for English medium courses ranges from €3000 to €5000, while the ones in Polish language is from €1500 to €2500 per year.

    Now lets look at the cost of living in Poland before I provide a full list of the institutions.

    The cost of living in Poland is quite low and affordable. It’s estimated at €300 to €500 per month, to cover the cost of food, accommodation, travels, books etc. Please note that this amount is not inclusive in the tuition fees. You are expected to make provision for this, before embarking on your journey to Poland. Now lets look at a comprehensive list of universities in Poland.

    List of low tuition universities in Poland

    • University of Warsaw
    • University of Wroclaw
    • University of Opole
    • University of Silesia
    • Warsaw School of Economics
    • Warsaw School of Information Technology
    • Warsaw University of Technology
    • Wroclaw Technical University
    • University of Lodz
    • University of Insurance and Banking
    • University of Gdansk
    • Technical University of Wroclaw
    • Technical University of Warsaw
    • Technical University of Radom
    • Technical University of Lublin
    • Technical University of Lodz
    • Medical Academy of Lublin
    • Medical Academy of Lodz
    • Medical Academy of Gdansk



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