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Comprehensive List of Low Tuition Universities in Australia with Tuition Fees

    ausAustralia is such a nice country to study in. The Australian Government has invested heavily in their education by making it top class and providing several opportunities for students. Australia is becoming a land of universities and is really a top study destination for international students. In deed, you can find top low tuition Universities in Australia. In this article, I’ll be compiling a list of low tuition universities in Australia.

    List of Low Tuition Universities
    Australian National University
    This is one of the fastest growing cheap universities in Australia where students can study any subject like literature, finance, Management, Science or any other subject. In addition, the University offers scholarships for its students. The tuition fee stands at $24,746 AUD Per Year.

    Central Queensland University
    This institution offers both graduate and undergraduate courses in the Arts, Sciences, Business, Education and Law and Technology. Be informed that CQU is a private university which offers a wide range of courses and facilities to both local and international students. The tuition fee is $18,210 AUD Per Year.

    Charles Darwin University
    Australia is one of the best universities to study in higher education with full facilities and accommodation for students. This university is very competitive University, as a result it has only allocated few seats to deserving international students who are willing to commit their bright future to the institution. The tuition fee is highlighted in the institutions website.

    University of South Australia (UniSA)
    This university is higly committed to educating and creating professional students. It caters for the complete wellbeing of local and international students who come to study. This university has a wounderful reputation of awarding top class national degrees. Check the University’s website for tuition fees.

    This is the list of some low tuition universities in Australia. You can contact them by visiting their website and get more information on how to apply for admission into their university.

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