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Comprehensive List of Cheapest Engineering Universities in Canada with Tuition Fees

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    Many international students who plan to study Engineering in Canada will prefer a university that’s quite cheap and affordable. Universities in Canada all charge different tuition fees and you might have to do some internet search to know the cheap ones, but we have decided to save you the stress of searching for it on google and have decided to publish it here. So today’s article shall focus on cheap tuition engineering universities in Canada for international students.

    There is a good list of low tuition or cheap engineering schools in Canada for international students who would like study engineering programs .Above all, cost of living is also cheaper in Canada especially if you choose to live in relatively smaller cities. Generally, tuition fees in Canadian universities are cheaper than universities in USA,Australia or UK.This makes Canada one of the most ideal affordable or cheap tuition study abroad destinations for you. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make when it comes to deciding where to study and when. You shouldn’t be surprised that world class universities in Canada charge very affordable tuition or cheap tuition fees.The tuition fees fall in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 per year for undergraduate master and postgraduate programs. That’s quite cheap and reasonable.

    Cost of Living

    This simply means the amount of money an international student will need to take care of his expenses-such as accomodation and transportation etc. In Canada, this is super affordable and cheap as it is put at $600-$800 a month for student expenses. This amount will be enough for your feeding, books and transportation. Here’s a basic overview of what the expenses look like:

    -Accomodation(bedroom apartment): $400 approximately every month

    -Books and Supplies:$1000 per year.

    -Movies: $8-$15

    -Average restaurant meal:$10-$25 per person.

    -Groceries: $150-$120 per month

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    Admission Process and how to Apply

    Applying to universities in Canada as an international student typically takes a different process. This is different because Canadian universities utilize a different policy with their international admissions.We highly encourage you to do well to review the admission requirements of these institutions before taking the first step.If its possible reach out to these institutions and ask for specific guidelines and assistance. In order to apply, you’ll need to satisfy the following:

    • Fill out the online application form thoroughly.
    • Submit your qualifications and the transcripts
    • Show sufficient proof of proficiency in english or french.
    • Submit letters of recommendation
    • You’ll be asked to submit a letter of recommendation
    • You’ll also be required to write a letter of recommendation explaining why you choose to study in Canada.
    • For international students that complete their undergraduate program outside of Canada, you’ll be required to pay an international Credential fee to have their qualifications valid.
    • Finally once you’ve been granted admission, you have to apply for a visa or study permit and also scholarships if applicable.

    Cheap Tuition Colleges and Universities

    Waterloo University

    If you did not know, this is Canada’s largest Engineering school providing the best Engineering education for international students especially for software engineering.The various departments available here offer engineering programs in the fields of Chemical engineering,Environmental engineering at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.Waterloo University conducts research activities activities collaborated with various research institutes.

    University of British Columbia

    UBC Engineering program is another top rated Engineering program in the world.Undergraduate and graduate degrees are collectively offered in the various disciplines of engineering and technology nicely complemented by international education through exchange programs. UBC conducts research in the different  sectors of engineering and life sciences and has the second largest research based income in Canada.

    University of Alberta

    The Faculty of Engineering in this University is internationally renowned for its courses offering degrees in the various fields of Engineering.and Technology.

    McGill University

    McGill’s Faculty of Engineering is currently second among Canada’s leading engineering schools and offers competitive and comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs.Research projects are conducted in the different sectors of engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning.

    McMaster University

    The Faculty of Engineering in this university is very popular for its engineering studies.

    Research is carried out mainly in the industrial and health sciences engineering sectors through various centers and institutes such as Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research and Center for Emerging Device Technologies.

    Financial assistance is equally available for both local and international students.

    Simon Fraser University:

    This institution offers amazing education and training in its Engineering related courses.

    Research education is done in the various fields of engineering some notable fields being Biomedical, Robotics, Intelligent Control Systems, etc.

    Financial Assistance is  also available through awards.

    So we hope this information on cheap tuition universities in Canada was helpful. If you want to start the admission do well to contact the university. Kindly share this article by using the social share buttons below so others can benefit.

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