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Best universities in Singapore for Study:Review of National University of Singapore





    Singapore is one of the best places to study abroad for international students.You’ll find tons of amazing opportunities and benefits associated with studying abroad in Singapore the moment you graduate. It is because of the stable economy Singapore has enjoyed over the years that actively ensures there are no any major fluctuations in its job market and general economy. The good news is that there is a high chance you’ll also find a well paying job after graduation.

    Regular degrees awarded by Singaporean universities are globally recognized, with the National University of Singapore coming first.The National University of Singapore is a really popular autonomous and popular research university based in Southwest Singapore at Kent Ridge.Founded in 1905 first as a medical university, this institution remains the oldest institution in the country per quality of curriculum and student enrollment.

    NUS is a world class institution with an entrepreneurial edge.NUS awards several single degree,masters and graduate diploma degrees in Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Engineering to mention but a few.

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    Entry Requirements

    For international students seeking admissions into NUS, you are expected to have completed or are completing your high school, that is you should have garnered at least 12 years of education at the time of putting together this your application and submitting it.Please do well to check the school’s website for detailed info on admission requirements, although we will do well to provide more info as you keep reading.

    Student Visas

    International students who wish to study in Singapore will need a student visa. This letter  has to be issued in addition to your letter of approval (also called your in-principal approval or IPA) once your application has been approved by a recognized institution. Your application is subject to previous recognized qualifications, evidence of the required paperwork, and proof of sufficient English language skills.There is an opportunity for visa express, please do well to connect with your embassy to learn more.

    This automatic issuance indicates that you do not have to worry about applying for your student visa, but you will have to apply to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for a Student Pass within two weeks of getting accepted. This also has to be no earlier than two months before and no later than one month to the start of your program. You will be required to do this through the Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System, also called SOLAR, which the institution at which you have been accepted will register you with.

    In order to apply online for your Student Pass, please log on to SOLAR with the registration details your school has provided and fill in and submit eForm 16 via SOLAR. This will require you to provide valid passport details, the address of your university, your email address and a recent passport photo.

    To complete the process after arrival in the country, you’ll be required to make an appointment with the ICA and bring your disembarkation/embarkation card granted on entry into Singapore, a passport-sized picture, a printout of a signed and completed eForm 16, a copy of your in-principle approval, and a recent medical report on the correct form. When collecting the Student Pass, a signed copy of the terms and conditions form must also be supplied. You will be charged S$30 (US$22) when submitting your application and a further S$60 (US$44) when the pass is issued.

    Your Student Pass will basically allow you to work full-time in the school holidays and 16 hours a week in term time for most students.

    How to Apply

    -Submit a completed application form containing the following

    -Online application

    -Payment of processing fee($20)

    -Electronic submission of application checklist and supporting documents.

    Did you know that the National University of Singapore is ranked 22nd in the world University rankings?

    Tuition Fees

    Undergraduate Fees: S$20,160

    Postgraduate Fees: S$44,090.

    Living Costs

    Please note that the amounts indicated here are in Singaporean currency and the costs are rounded off based on annual basis i.e  excluding vacation periods.

    On Campus Accommodation(Single-Double Occupancy)- $S2,625 to S$7,000.

    Total Estimate excluding accommodation-S$6,000

    Total Estimate including accommodation- S$10,000


    If you are an international applicant seeking admission to NUS, you should have completed or are completing high school, that is, achieved at least twelve years of general education by July of the year of application. Do well to ensure that you have selected the correct qualification and applicant group type before submitting an online application.

    Applicant Group type to select from:

    1. If you have completed high school final examination, you should select ‘I have completed the high school final examination’ in section 3 ‘High School Education’ of the application form.
    2. Alternatively,if you are currently sitting for the high school final examination and results will be available only after the application closing date, you should select ‘I will be completing the high school final examination after application closing date’ in section 3 ‘High School Education’ of the application form.

    Another thing to note is that application closing dates apply based on your high school qualification. Unless otherwise indicated, ensure your complete application with all supporting documents reaches the Office of Admissions by the application closing date.

    Payment  Method

    Please be informed that a non-refundable application fee of S$20 (inclusive of 7% Goods & Services Tax) has to be paid along with your application. Payment can be inititated through:

    • Credit card:With this method only Visa and MasterCard are allowed. Debit Cards are not permitted for this payment mode. You are duly allowed to make your payment via the credit card payment facility found on the acknowledgement page once you have submitted your application. Or, you can logon with your application number and PIN to the Online Application Status Facility to initiate payment.
    • Bank draft: The bank draft for S$20 has to be made payable to ‘National University of Singapore’. Please do ensure that the bank draft can be cleared by a bank located in Singapore. Do not forget to write your full name clearly, address and application number on the reverse side of the bank draft before hitting the submit button.

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