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Best Economics Universities in the World

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    Economics courses are very popular academic programs. That’s why we’ve taken time to write about the top ranked economics universities in order to make it easier for our readers to find the right program for them in this super competitive field of study.

    We decided to use a fresh approach to our rankings. Since the United States and United Kingdom consistently dominate regular rankings, we decided to show you a bigger picture of what universities elsewhere have to offer and focus mostly on some of the factors that we know are important to you such as the location and the number of international students.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

    This institution is ranked 1st in the world for economics according to recent QS rankings. This is not surprising as MIT has a coveted undergraduate and graduate program for economics. Senior professors lecture introductory programs to freshmen undergraduate students who are encouraged to develop their research abilities with programs such as the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program which connects them to a fantastic network of graduate students and faculty members. Presently,MIT’s student body is 34% international and their graduates are usually employed by international and national organizations making it a highly coveted university for students across the world.

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    Harvard University, United States

    This institution is ranked 2nd in the world for Economics, and has produced a number of Economics Nobel Laureates. The department runs well over 15 seminars a week on a broad range of topics in Economics from reputable international and American scholars. Harvard hosted well over 9,851 international students in 2016-2017 and really does attract amazing talent from around the world with their international students coming from 153 countries.

    Since the institution is eager to attract and retain global students and academics, their international office does a wide range of services such as employment, visa, and tax assistance. Most importantly,their host program, does a great job of matching international graduate students with Boston residents, and has really helped students adapt to their new home since 1962.

    Harvard University equally offers a number of internships and research assistant positions to undergraduate economics students as well as funding aid for research purposes

    London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

    This institution runs one of the largest Economics departments in the world, and is ranked number one in the United Kingdom and 5th globally for Economics.

    It offers a truly international experience as its student body is 71% international and the campus is sited in the heart of the metropolitan city of a super diverse capital which ensures a unique international experience to crown it.

    On top of that, LSE supports its international students with a student visa support team to help some of the world’s most talented students navigate through the paperwork and begin their program. The Economics’ department’s research focuses primarily on global matters such as climate change and economic development, making it one of the best places for ambitious economists seeking a world class perspective.

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    Erasmus School of Economics,The Netherlands

    Erasmus School of Economics is ranked 44th in the World and 12th in Europe for Economics and Econometrics by the reputable QS. Interestingly, Erasmus School of Economics’ international students make up 30% of their total student body population.

    Erasmus School of Economics runs two popular scholarships that are dedicated specifically to students who are from non-EEA countries, showing yet again that they’re interested in attracting and retaining global academic talent. The school’s student affairs department tackle two are that are the most challenging for new students: visa processes and accommodation

    Assuming you live across the ocean and cannot visit all of the campuses that you would like to before submitting an application, Erasmus University ,which Erasmus School of Economics is a part of, recently launched a virtual campus experience that invites students to virtual tour the campus, classrooms, and student housing.

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    University of Melbourne, Australia

    University of Melbourne sits 1st in Australia and 25th in the world for Economics, and has so far attracted a 40% international student population. The University of Melbourne has consistently been lecturing Economics since 1855. The university runs a number of specialized research centers in addition to an experimental economics lab which works on theories in a controlled lab environment.

    International students are availed with free airport pick-up service and you can access housing, financial, and support groups during your stay in Melbourne.

    University of Toronto, Canada

    University of ranked 21st in the world, and 1st in Canada for their Economics department, the University of Toronto runs internationally-recognized degree for Economics students. Interestingly,recruiters from 21 countries rank University of Toronto graduates as one of top three public universities for work-ready alumni.

    Faculty members do research and teach a wide range of Economics courses that span theory, applied data analysis, and econometric methodology. Economics students who study at U of T are actively encouraged to collaborate and participate in a range of co-disciplinary studies with the Law and Management faculties.

    The student body hails from 168 countries and regions, thus showing their commitment to international students, they award the Lester B. Pearson International scholarships to amazing students from around the world.

    Bocconi University, Italy

    Sits 16th in the world and 1st in Italy for Economics, their department goes to great extent to recruit top international faculty from around the world. In addition to instruction and research, some members of the Economics Department were chosen as consultants for global organizations such as the IMF, UN, and World Bank.

    Although Bocconi’s percentage of international students sits at 11%, they are actively involved in assisting international students achieve a fantastic study abroad experience. They do a number of services and activities to help new students upon arrival and throughout their academic programs. This includes a short program and follow-up program in Italian to help new international students achieve fulfilling experience while living in Milan. 

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