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Apply for the 2015 fully funded EAS Youth Forum in Vietnam

    easThe 2015 EAS Youth forum is a fully funded international opportunity for young leaders from the East Asian seas region to enhance their potentials as true future leaders and strong advocates of our oceans and coasts.

    Location: Vietnam.
    The EAS Youth Forum 2015 will once again gather young leaders in the East Asian Seas (EAS) region to enhance their potentials as future champions and advocates of our oceans and coasts. Since the year 2006, the EAS Youth Forum has convened well over 200 young innovators in the region highlighting the youth’s crucial role in the sustainable development of the seas of East Asia.


    The YF4 is only open to young people from the countries of the East Asian Seas region: Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, RO Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

    Please note that applicants must be 18 to 25 years of age, a university or graduate student or young professional, and is an active member of youth organization/s and institution/s working in the field of sustainable development.


    There are four reasons why you should join this exciting and dynamic event:

    • LEARN: Interact with environmental experts, scientists and policymakers on the pressing issues and much needed solutions for the sustainable management of our oceans and coasts. Share experiences with fellow young leaders in the region on environmental actions being undertaken.
    • INFLUENCE: Make a difference by putting forward workable actions and engaging more young people for environmental conservation. Outline recommendations to national and local governments, non-government organizations, universities and private entities for the sustainable development of our oceans and coasts.
    • NETWORK: Build friendships with fellow young leaders in the region and associate with known experts, scientists and policymakers in environmental conservation and management.
    • ENJOY: Fun and exciting YF4 activities await you. Experience Vietnam’s unique culture, charm and biodiversity.

    Click here to apply:

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