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Application Process for Universities in Canada





    Canada found in the North American continent is renowned for its amazing natural beauty. It has amazing forests, lakes, wealth and not to forge the multicultural diversity that it is endowed with. This country is also popular for its harsh winters. You’ll be surprised to discover places in Canada that do not see the ground for the most part of the year-usually during winters. Canada is also popular for its low tuition universities. There are thousands of international students who hail from all over the world who come here to study. Popular places for international students are British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario. These are the regions that have some of the best institutions in Canada. According to the World University Rankings, 26 Canadian universities are in the top 500 universities in the world.

    Studying on cheap tuition in Canada is a a truly worthwhile experience for local and international students. There are designated steps that one has to go through in order to apply for admissions to a canadian university. Find below the steps used in applying to universities in Canada:

    1.    Choose the right degree:

    Before talking about the application process, It is important you know what courses Canadian Universities are famous for. Therefore an applicant needs to identify the right program. For example, the most popular courses are Masters Programme in Environmental Studies, Masters Programme in Psychology, Masters Programme in Computers and so on.

    1.    Select the University that is best for you:

    After choosing the degree, go on and select the right university. A background check about the university has to be carried out. You should know the ranking and the cost of the course that the university is offering.

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    1.    Language Requirements:

    When one decides to relocate to another country to study, there are a few language proficiency tests that should be taken. For instance, there are standadized tests such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Cambridge English, TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language). These tests are the commonly accepted tests by the universities. There are other tests too that the universities accept like, MELAB ( Michigan English Language Assessment Battery ), CAEL ( Canadian Academic English Language Assessment). There are French tests that are accepted too. Examples are, DALF, DELF.

    1.    Documents Required:

    This is the most important section because if a document goes missing, you can lose out on the chance of getting selected in the university. Required documents can differ across university. The general documents that are required for the application are as follows:

    Graduation Certificate

    Complete Application Form


    Letter of Intent

    Proof of English/French Proficiency

    Reference Letters

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    1.    Due dates for the University Applications:

    Generally, deadlines for university admission can differ, but the overall deadlines in Canada are shown below:

    The Due Date for enrolments done in winters is around the 1st week of September.

    The summer enrolments for undergraduate programmes end on 15th January. 1st March is the deadline for the postgraduate programmes. You should be careful with the submission dates of the application form. 

    1.    Steps to take after the acceptance:

    If you are selected for a programme in the university, then you should should choose a suitable health insurance option. The accepted student should also enroll in the university before classes start. If there is need, then do well to apply for a Canadian Student Visa.

    Proof of Sufficient Financial Support

    Before you are granted a student visa, you are expected to submit a financial statement that shows that you are financially equipped to cater for your needs during the length of your program. If the duration of the program is 1 year, you have to show that the finances you have can sustain you for a year or more.

    Student Visa

    Obtaining a student visa is dependent  on the country you’re applying from or where you hail from. To get full knowledge of how to go about getting the student visa and residence permit, please connect with the nearest Canadian embassy in your host country. Do remember that, you have to be accepted by the Canadian institution of your choice first, this is because part of the documents required for visa processing is the acceptance letter you receive from the university. Other requirements are shown below:

    • Medical fitness report showing your health status
    • A clearance certificate from the police showing you have a clean criminal record.
    • Proof that you are financially stable.

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