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Application Process, application requirements, Tuition Fees and Deadline for low tuition universities in Portugal

    portugalBefore applying to universities in Portugal, ensure you have completed your secondary school studies and have had your secondary school leaving certificate officially stamped and recognized as you will be required to submit these documents during the application process. You may ask for an official recognition of your previous studies at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country or at your country’s embassy or consulate in Portugal.

    Once you have completed your application, endeavor to submit your application through the Portuguese online centralized system officially known as “candidatura online”. With this online account, you will be able to choose up to 6 different universities or polytechnics and any study program you are interested in pursuing , in the order of preference.

    Admission Requirements

    • May sure you have completed your secondary school education
    • It is expected that you have passed the university entrance examination in your home country.
    • You will be required to meet the study program pre-requisites you’ve entered for. For example, students wishing to study music in a Portuguese university, will be required to pass an aptitude exam in music.
    • To find out whether you’ll be required to pass a specific course before registering for a certain study program of your choice, you would need to contact an advisor at any of the Higher Education Admissions Offices (“Gabinetes de Acceso”).


    Application Deadline

    Although there might be more than one application period depending on the institution and study program, the main intake for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs at Portuguese universities and polytechnics takes place in September, right before the beginning of the academic year.


    List of top Universities in Portugal

    • Atlantic University
    • Autonomous Institute of Polytechnic Studies
    • Autonomous University of Lisbon
    • Catholic University of Portugal
    • Education Polytechnic – CESPU
    • Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa
    • Fernando Pessoa University
    • Escola Superior de Enfermagem Santa Maria


    Tuition Fees for Universities in Portugal

    Generally, tuition fees in Portugal are higher than the minimum amount recommended. Note that Full time students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s programs are usually charged an average tuition fee of about EUR 950 – 1250 per academic year. For third cycle programs (PhD degrees), the average tuition fee amounts to approximately EUR 2500 – 3000 per academic year.


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