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Application Deadlines for Universities in Iceland, Italy and Austria


    Iceland is such a beautiful country to study in. Application deadlines for academic studies at Icelandic universities vary depending on the University and the study program you have chosen. However, note that many universities and higher institutions in Iceland have application deadlines that run from March to June for academic studies beginning in the fall semester (September). Please note that international undergraduate and post graduate students are expected to apply before March 15, except students from Norway, who are allowed to apply before April or the beginning of June.


    Generally, application deadlines for universities in Italy are as shown below:

    • Mid April to mid-May: Students wishing to apply to Italian universities during this time should contact the Italian embassy of their home countries to receive a Letter of Academic Eligibility and Suitability (in Italian, Dichiarazione di Valoro in Loco (DV)) and pre-apply for the study program of their choice.
    • August: During this time, students receive an early notification of whether they have been admitted to the selected academic program they selected and the particular date to take the Italian language exam and any other additional or entrance exam in case of competitive programs with limited study places.
    • September: students take the Italian language exam and any additional exam if needed.



    There are general two admission periods for studies at university in Austria with the deadlines explained below:

    • September 1: submit your application before September 1 for studies in the winter semester.
    • February 1: for studies in the summer semester.




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