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African Leadership Academy Anzisha prize $75,000 Young Entrepreneurs Awards, 2015

    anzisha 1The African Leadership Academy is now offering the Anzisha prize Young Entrepreneurs Awards to deserving individuals from around Africa.


    Anzisha prize Young Entrepreneurs Awards seeks to reward successful and enterprising young entrepreneurs across Africa who are making change and have started and grown their own life changing businesses within and around their environment and societies.

    Hence the Academy/organizers of the award will select 12 young successful entreprenuers from across Africa and would reward them with a round trip to South Africa which will be fully paid for and all expenses cared for.

    This trip to South Africa will enable successful candidates attend an entrepreneurship workshop and conference which will last for a week at the African Leadership Academy Campus in Johannesburg.

    There is a huge prize at stake for winners who will share the grand prize of $75,000.

    To stand a chance of being selected for these awards, entrepreneurs and their businesses or projects will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    Has the business they created been of benefit to their society and community and has it affected the people positively.

    When trying to solve problems in the society through your solutions, are they better ideas or developments that aid and bring a positive impact to the society

    The business you have set up, does it have the ability to exceed where it is now and can it be copied and developed with more assistance as well as investment.


    • Applicants Should be between the ages of 15-22 years
    • The business should already be an already established business and in progress and there has to be evidence for it
    • The business or project can come from any area of specialization
    • These awards are open to individuals and groups who own businesses or project of their own. In the case of groups they will select a member to represent the group for the award and prize and this individual must be a founding member of the group.


    Applications are done online. Click here for to contact the award provider for more information on how to apply.


    Application deadline is April 15 2015


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