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Affordable Institutions To Study Engineering In India

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    Studying Engineering or any other Technology course could be quite a challenge- from fishing out an excellent college, to knowing their tuition fees, and knowing if scholarship programs are available. If you are in India, or seeking to study Engineering in India, then you sure would find this article helpful.

    Jadavpur University

    This is a public university, and it was established in 1955. The university’s mottois“To Know is to Grow”. If you are seeking to grow and advance in your academics, especially in the Engineering profession, then you may want to consider Jadavpur university.

    Jadavpur offers ranges of courses in different faculties. It also offers different courses in the faculty of Engineering. There are over ten Engineering courses offered at Jadavpur. The tuition fees are RS. 2400per annum, while Technology students pay RS. 3000.

    Marwadi University

    Marwadi is a private university, which was founded in 2016. It is one of the youngest, rapidly growing universities in all of India. The students of over 8,500 are enrolled in the university’s different courses offered. The university ranks 508 in India, and 8670 in the world.

    Marwadi offers Bachelors, Masters, as well as Doctorate degrees. There are a total of eight faculties, one of which is the faculty of Engineering. There are eleven courses offered in the faculty of Engineering in Marwadi.The undergraduate tuition fees are 0-1,000 US$, while for postgraduates, it ranges from 1,000-2,500 US$. If, however, you are an international student, your tuition budget should be about 1,000-2,5000 US$, both as an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

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    Jamia Ismalia University

    This university was founded in 1920 by two brothers, just before India’s independence. It is a public university which has over 5,000 students in various courses of the nine faculties. The motto of the Jamia Ismalia is “He taught man what he knew not”.

    Jamia Ismalia university awards Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree programs. Faculty of Engineering is one of the nine faculties in the university. The tuition fees in the university differs, depending on the program enrolled. There are also, however, scholarship programs you can apply for.

    Teri University

    This educational and research institute was founded in the year 1998. The university started as a research institute for scientific recognition. Teri offers different professional courses, and Engineering is part of it.

    The tuitions at Teri are affordable, but depends on your course of study. A Masters’ degree, however, is at RS.2.78Lakh tuition, while a Masters of Arts degree is at RS. 2.02Lakh tuition. There are also scholarship schemes offered at Teri university, one of which is the ERI SAS.

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    Cluster Innovation Centre University of Delhi

    This is a government-funded institution. It was founded in 2011. The Innovation Centre has the motto, “Dedicated to Truth”. Enrolling in the Centre ensures you being taught by dedicated and expert lecturers.

    Technology courses are taught at the Innovation Centre. The tuition paid for a B.T course is ₹6000, which covers for the first semester. In the second semester and beyond, your tuition fees amounts to ₹5000.

    University School of Information, Communication and Technology

    This Information university is a constituent of Guru Gobind Singh, of Indraprastha university. It was founded in 1999. Before you can gain admission into the school, you must have passed the IPU-CET examinations.

    The school offers strictly technology-based courses, and at the levels of a Bachelor, Masters and even a Doctorate. You need a tuition fee of approximately ₹50,000, at all student levels.

    Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology

    Govind is a government autonomous school, founded in the year 1989. The college was established in the memory of Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant.

    The courses in Govind are categorized under the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are seven departments in the school, which teaches different branches of Engineering and Technology. The school’s tuition is an average of ₹32,280.

    Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

    Netaji is one of the public institutions in India. It was formerly known as Delhi Institute of Technology, and was established in 1983. Netaji operates under the motto, “may God bring holy thoughts to my mind from all directions”.

    The institution ranked top 8th in Engineering schools in India, and 18th in the world. The tuition fees are separated according to your student level. If you are aiming for a Bachelor’s, keep an estimate of ₹2,28,600, while if you want a Masters’ degree, the fees are an estimate of ₹14,30. If however, you are a PhD student, your tuition fees are an estimate of ₹1,71,000.

    Manipal institute of Technology

    The Manipal institute of Technology is a private university in India. It is a large university which was founded in 1956, and was formerly known as Institute of Eminence. Manipal offers Engineering and Technology courses, amidst others.

    The Institute runs Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters’ degrees. Its tuition fees are based on your course of study. There are a lot of scholarship offers for you as an Engineering and Technology student.

    Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology

    This is a renowned institution for excellent research. If you have a knack for research in Engineering, then Gateway is right for you. The Institute offers quality education, as well as sound Indian culture and core values.

    Some of the B. Tech courses offered are; Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication, and some others. Your tuition fees are largely dependent on your course of study. There are also a number of scholarship schemes available.

    Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering

    The Lalbhai College was established in1948, and is a Government-funded public institution. The College was named after a textile mill owner and industrialist.

    There are fourteen departments in the College, as well as facilities and infrastructures. It is a strictly engineering-based College. The tuition fees are affordable, of which females are totally exempted from paying any tuition at all.

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    IIT Kanpur

    This university was established in 1959, through an act of Parliament. IIT is a public engineering-based College, which is also known as IITK.

    IITK ranks 5th in engineering generally, and 6th by the NIRF 2019. More than 60 courses are offered in the college. If you are looking for an excellent college to study Engineering, IITK is one of your best options.

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