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7 Low-tuition Universities in Nepal: Tuition, Admission process, and Living Cost

    Nepal is a country located in Asia, and lies along the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountain. Nepal is full of mountainous regions that include many of the tallest mountains in the world, like the Mount. Everest, making this country a popular destination for those who enjoy exciting sports. Buddha was born in Nepal, so the number of temples and diverse religions that coexist within its borders is very high.

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    The first higher institution in Nepal was initially established in 1919, and the universities didn’t began to emerge until the decade of the 50s, after democracy. There are presently about 10 universities and over 60 colleges and schools in Nepal.

    This article highlights the education system, cost of living, admission process, language instruction, and tuition fees at Nepal universities

    The Higher Education System in Nepal

    Nepal has about 10 universities, and each of them has its own faculties. Each faculties manage their own tuition fees, admission procedures, and even have separate websites.

    Most colleges and schools in Nepal major in one specific area and there are also many colleges and schools. Most colleges focus on either Medicine, Engineering, or Management.

    In Nepal universities, the Bachelor degree programs last for three years, except for some majors like engineering or medicine, which last from 4 to 5 years. The duration for Master degree programs is two years. Nepal universities also offer two more degrees like the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Admission Process at Universities in Nepal

    Students who graduated from high school will have to obtain the School Leaving Certificate (SLC), am exam that is similar to the GCSE in England schools.

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    The admission process at many universities includes entrance examinations and interviews. For international students, interviews are usually the only extra step for international students. However, some faculties like engineering may have to take more than one exam before they can be offered admission.

    Tuition fees at Universities in Nepal

    In some Nepal universities, the tuition can be quite costly. Tuition fees may be as high as 40,000 USD for indigenous or national students, while international students are usually charged two times that (80,000 USD) yearly.

    The high cost of tuition is because most of the universities have state-of-art facilities, which are always integrating innovative building and centers. The universities usually include extra things like offering costly laptops to students. This is particularly true for technical majors.

    Since most people who wish to study abroad cannot afford such high tuition fees, we have included list of cheaper universities in Nepal.

    Language of Instruction at Universities in Nepal

    The degree programs at universities in Nepal are taught in Nepali, the official language of the country. You can learn their language programs in case you want to take the challenge and learn the language before starting your major. Most private colleges offer programs in English and there are international campuses of foreign universities in Nepal that also offer the alternative of studying in English.

     Living Costs in Nepal

    The official currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). 10,000 NPR is around 86 USD. The word “lakh”, is a unit that symbolizes one hundred thousand. It is written “1, 00,000”. This means 2 lakhs are 200,000 NPR or 2, 00,000.

    You can get a bedroom apartment in Nepal for around 150 USD per month. However, this fee will vary based on the location. Accommodation in mountains in appears to be cheaper that in the city. However, most universities have hostels. You may likely spend around 15 USD monthly on transport if you don’t take taxis. Feeding is not too expensive, you can budget about 100 USD -150 USD for feeding per month.

    Cheap Universities in Nepal

    1. The British College (TBC)

    The British College was established in 2012 less than 10 years ago. The British College is a cheap university in Nepal that offers bachelor and master degrees which are recognized in both Nepal and the U.K.


    Degrees offered at TBC are in affiliation with Leeds Beckett University and the University of West England (UWE).

    Bachelor programs are available in the following fields:

    • Hospitality
    • Business management
    • Computing

    For Master’s degree programs available includes business administration and international business management.

    This university also offer other short courses to prepare students for English proficiency tests like PTE or IELTS, or to get accounting certificates.

    Accommodation & Feeding

    The British College offers a monthly rent of 20,000 NPR, which is about 175 USD if you choose the vegetarian meal package and 21,000 NPR (around 182 USD) for non-vegetarian package. This includes three meals daily and services.


    To apply at The British College, you can visit their website. Applications are performed online by submitting a form and the needed documents. Tuition fees vary from 7,000 USD to 13,000 USD, but this will depend on your nationality. People from countries that belongs to SAARC, will be charged 25% more than indigenous students.

    1. Kantipur Engineering College (KEC)

    Kantipur Engineering College (KEC), established in 1998, is a private institution with its campus located in the Latipur district. According to the Webometrics ranking, it is the 17th best higher education institution in Nepal.


    There are three departments in KAC that offer bachelor degree programs. These are computers and electronic engineering, civil engineering, and sciences and humanities engineering. KAC, a cheap university in Nepal, organizes different exhibitions and conferences each year, and they are affiliated to universities in Asia and Europe. KAC is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, which is the biggest and main university in Nepal.


    There are special committee organized to select international students. Click here and here to learn more about admissions. You’ll have to contact them to learn more about tuition fees. However, previous years charge between 3,000 USD and 6,000 USD.

    1. Khwopa Engineering College (KhEC)

    The Khwopa Engineering College (KhEC) is also a cheap university in Nepal. It was established in 2001 and is located in the ancient area of Bhaktapur. It is the first community college in Nepal that focuses in engineering.


    KhEC has seven departments of computer engineering, electronics and communication engineering, urban design and conservation, science and humanities, computer engineering, civil engineering, earthquake engineering, and architecture.

    Also, KhEC has a research center with its own journal that develops projects in the areas of electronics, communication, architecture, computer, electronics, and civil engineering. All KhEC students must wear uniforms.


    Admissions at KhEC are done through the entrance exam of that university. Students must submit the application form and sit for the exam. Those who pass it and are qualified for admission will have to attend an interview.

    Ensure you don’t mix up KhEC with the Khwopa College of Engineering (KhCE). These are college that is affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees vary from 275,000 NPR (around 2,380 USD) to 803,750 NPR (around 7,000 USD). Check their FAQ section and contact them to learn more about other additional information.

    1. Xavier International College

    Xavier International College, located in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, was established 18 years ago. It is a higher institution that’s part of the Xavier International frame, which provides secondary education.


    Xavier International College offers bachelor degree programs in business studies, microbiology, computer application, business management, and environmental sciences. They also offer a master’s degree in business studies.

    Most programs at this cheap university in Nepal are offered in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. The duration varies between 2 and 4 years depending on the major you opt for, the duration varies between two and four years. Students here also wear uniforms in this university.


    Applicants are expected to sit for an entrance exam, and to attend an interview if they are qualified.

    To get more information about their programs, admissions, and tuition fees, download their prospectus and contact them.

    1. Nepal Open University (NOU)

    Nepal Open University (NOU), is a new university which was established in 2016. It is situated in one of the biggest cities in Nepal, Lalitpur.

    This school offers both bachelor and master degrees and also has a research unit. The Nepal Open University has three faculties of management and law, science health and technology, and social sciences and education.


    Interested applicants may need to submit documents and tests. Admissions depend on the program and tuition fees also depend on the program. To get more information about admissions Contact them on their website.

    1. Islington College

    Islington College, a cheap university in Nepal was established in 1996 and specializes in the fields of business and technology.


    Islington College offers bachelor degrees in computing, multimedia technologies, and computer networking & IT security, and a master degree in IT and applied security.

    Also, it offers bachelor degrees in business administration (BBA) with international business. There’s also a finance BBA, a marketing BBA, and a master’s in business administration.


    Admissions involves submitting the required documents. Applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee and the accepted students are chosen. To get more information about tuition fees, directly contact Islington College.

    1. King’s College

    King’s College was founded 10 years ago with the objective of providing education focused on practical solution, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


    The King’s College offers bachelor degree programs in business administration with different specializations, like investment and economics or digital marketing. It offers four different master’s in business administration. Apart from the classic MBA program, there are other three focused on agricultural businesses, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit organizations.


    To secure admission into King’s College, you have to write an essay, submit the vital documents, and attend an interview. Different scholarships are offered based on academic performance and participation in extra-curricular activities.

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