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Low Tuition Medical Universities in Europe: Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria




    If you didn’t know Medical university of Sofia is number-one ranking in five popular professional medical courses (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Care and Public Health schools) across Bulgaria and also one of the best medical institutions available in Europe. Sofia medical university loves both first year and transfer medical students who troop in every year. Also, tuition fees are low and cheap for local and international students.

    This institution was founded sometime in 1917 as a medical faculty of Sofia, and has grown to become a Medical Academy with two popular medical schools: medicine and dentistry schools all established in 1950. 

    At present, Sofia medical University is divided into 4 schools (faculties) namely:

    • Schhool of Medicine
    • Schhool of Dental Medicine
    • Schhool of Pharmacy
    • Schhool of Public Health

    It might interest you to know that High level Theoretical and practical medical high level training, and post-graduate (Master, PhD, Residency) are available and organized in accordance with the requirements of EU/EE standards of education and health care politics but with the right amount of academic independence.

    Following the successful completion of the medical program in English in Sofia medical University , the typical European supplement of the diploma issued on graduation is identical to that granted in the Bulgarian language medical course: M.D. (students are awarded Medical Doctor’s degree). This degree allows the awardee to practice medicine in EU and other EEA countries. The degree also allows the awardee to practice medicine across the world.

    What is Sofia Medical University ranking and accreditation Status? 

    Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria comes first in ranking of medical institutions in Bulgaria according to Bulgarian University Ranking System which came out in 2015. Its Bulgarian number-one ranking institution in all medical fields: Medicine, Pharmacy, Stomatology, Health Care, etc. since more than 3 years. 

    Sofia medical University has international accreditation and ranks very highly on the list of  international medical schools internationally, such as the IMED (International Medical Education Directory) and the Avicenna Directories, as well as the WHO (World Health Organization) and the FAIMER, to mention a few.

    With cheap tuition fees,affordable living expenses, programs English and simple admission requirements, this makes Sofia medical institution one of the most attractive medical institutions in Europe.

    Sofia Medical University term dates

    Find below some of Sofia Medical University term dates or the academic calendar ( class schedule, examination session and more):

    • Winter Semester: Usually 15 weeks (begins 15.09 and 15.10 of each year to the week before Christmas, depends on the year;
    • January Examination Session (Usually one month);
    • February supplementary examination session ( one week, followed by a week long vacation);
    • Summer Semester: 15 weeks from the middle of February to May ending;
    • June Examination Session (one month as well);
    • September supplementary examination session (the first 2 weeks of September);
    • Liquidation examination session (last 2 weeks of September);

    Although Sofia medical university application deadline is the end of September, you’re advised to apply earlier, especially international applicants in order to allow sufficient time necessary for issuance of acceptance letter and thereafter your visa application.

    Sofia medical university tuition fees:

    Program (course) Tuition fee per year
    Medicine in English language (6 years) 8000 euro
    Medicine in Bulgarian language (6 years) 7000 euro
    Dental Medicine in English (6 years) 8000 euro
    Dental Medicine in Bulgarian language (6 years) 7000 euro
    Pharmacy  in Bulgarian English (5 years) 8000 euro
    Pharmacy  in Bulgarian language (5 years) 7000 euro
    Preparatory course in English (1 years) 4800 Euro
    Preparatory course in Bulgarian (1 years) 3700 Euro
    Professional bachelor in Bulgarian 3000 euro

    Admission criteria

    Note that the admission criteria to Sofia Medical University for international students are in line with the Laws on Higher Education and Ordinance on the State Requirements in the Republic of Bulgaria for Admission of Bulgarian and Foreign Students.

    In order to be admitted to Sofia medical university, prospective applicants should:

    1. Have completed their secondary education which allows them to continue their studies in higher institutions and universities across the country in which the secondary education was completed;
    2. For applicants who would like to do Programmes in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, should have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects in the secondary school: average marks in Biology and Chemistry subjects from secondary education should not be  less than 62% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respected country.
    3. Applicants interested in Programmes in Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Public Health and the Programmes of Assistant-pharmacist, Public Health Inspector, X-ray Laboratory Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, and Technical Dental Assistant etc are expected to have studied Biology subject in secondary school: the average grade in Biology from secondary education should not be less than 62% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respected country.

     International applicants who are not fluent in Bulgarian language (and who do not have a document showing proficiency in Bulgarian and issued by a higher institution in the Republic of Bulgaria) should pass an examination according to the synopsis of the Department of Foreign languages, Communication and Sport before the start of the school year and upon successful passing of their examination,would go on to register directly for his/her program of interest.

    Generally, Medical University of Sofia does Preparatory language programs in Bulgarian language and in English including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology. After successfully completion of English or Bulgarian Preparatory language courses, the student is automatically given a spot in the University.

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    Sofia medical University admission documents

    In order to be admitted to Sofia Medical University, prospective medical student applicant should submit the following documents:

    • Completed online application form with brief biographical data,your  educational background and the program for which you are applying to,
    • Copy of Diploma or high school certificate (Baccalaureate, A-levels, Abitur, etc.) of completed secondary education with an academic transcript stating the disciplines studied,
    • Document issued by relevant authorities, certifying the right to continue education in higher schools and universities in the country of origin of the secondary school attended by the applicant,
    • Health certificate issued not earlier than one month prior to application,
    • Four 4/5 cm photographs,

    The diploma, academic transcript and health certificate must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized according to official state directives.

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