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2020 Ranking Of Top 10 Universities In Australia

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    Are you looking to study in Australia and you are having difficulties in deciding the best University for you? Well look no further as we give you the ranking of top ten universities in Australia in this article. The Top 10 Ranking Universities in Australia 2020 is heavily dependent on the incredibly famous QS World University Rankings. It is a yearly publication which ranks the world’s universities based on their performance in research, subject and tutelage. The QS ranking is the most revered University ranking system in the world today.

    1. University of Newcastle Australia (UON)

    The University of Newcastle was set up in 1965 and is a state funded college. In 2019, UON had around 37, 035 students, including 7,082 global students.

    Ranking: As a university working for a long time, UON has introduced colossal development throughout the years. UON offers a portion of the top ranked subjects on the planet.

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    1. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

    UTS was established in 1988 and is an open research university. The establishment is part of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning and Australian Technology Network. Besides, in 2019, UTS enlisted 46,159 students including 15,450 global students.

    Ranking: It is ranked eleventh in the Top 50 under 50 years old universities ranking in the world. In the course of the last three decades, UTS has introduced a consistent ascent in scholastic and different accomplishments.

    1.  University of Adelaide

    The University of Adelaide is a state funded college set up in 1874, subsequently, making it the third most established university in Australia. It is notable for high effect research that aids the difficulties of the world in intend to give monetary and social advantages. There are 21,142 students with the organization and Malaysian students are part of the main 8 nations of the global student populace in the University.

    Ranking: TheUniversityis ranked amongst the Top 10 in Australia. The foundation has an entrenched notoriety and universal acknowledgment for excellent tutelage anda dynamic approach. Besides, they teach a couple of subjects ranked on the planet’s Top 100

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    1. University of Western Australia (UWA)

    UWA is an open research university established in 1911 and is located at the Australian territory of Western Australia. It is the 6th most seasoned university in Australia. The university is reliable in setting exclusive requirements for different colleges to follow regarding its teaching levels, acknowledgments and accomplishments broadly and globally.

    Rankings: It offers various subject lessons ranked in the Top 100 worldwide and in the Top 150. Like different colleges above, UWA part of the Group of Eight. UWA scored 5-star rating in student request, Student: Teacher Ratio and Student Retention.

    1. Monash University

    Monash University is an open research university set up in 1958. It is part the Group of Eight also. It is the second most established organization in the territory of Victoria, in this way, ceaselessly giving top quality education. Likewise, it is the main Group of Eight University with triple crown International business accreditation inside the Faculty of Business and Economics: AACSB,EQUIS and AMBA.

    Rankings: Monash University is the biggest university in Australia and is consistently ranked in the Top 100 colleges on the planet. It teaches numerous subjects ranked in the Top 100 on the planet.

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    1. University of Queensland (UQ)

    University of Queensland is an open research university situated in the capital of Queensland. They are the fifth most established university in Australia. In this way, it is a main and profound university on the planet. The university obliges around 54,000 students and over 18,000 global students.

    Ranking:UQ is reliably ranked in the top world’s colleges and is a founding member of the Group of Eight. It has won more Australian Awards for Teaching than most universities in Australia. As a renowned university, they offer a portion of the world’s most noteworthy ranked subjects.

    1. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

    University of New South Wales is an open research university situated in Sydney. It was set up in 1949 and is one of the main research colleges in Australia. They are persistently enlivened to offer a wide scope of top notch programs by growing new thoughts. UNSW is part of the Group of Eight and is consistently ranked in the best 10 colleges in Australia.

    Rankings:UNSW offers some of the highest ranking subjects in the world

    1. University of Sydney

    University of Sydney was established in 1850 and is an open research university situated in Sydney, Australia. It offers the most extensive scope of scholastic projects of any university in Australia. The organization is contained 9 resources and university schools through which it offers unhitched males, aces and doctoral projects.

    Ranking: The University is routinely ranked in the Top 50 Universities on the planet. In 2020, It is ranked first in Australia and fourth on the planet for graduate-employ capacity making it an esteemed university with great tuition system. The establishment additionally tutors subjects ranked in the Top 100 worldwide out of which 35 subjects are in the Top 50.

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    1. University of Melbourne

    University of Melbourne is one of the most esteemed open research colleges situated in Parkville, Melbourne. It was established in 1853 and is probably the most seasoned university in the nation. They have more than 52,000 students yearly, including 42% International students from more than 130 nations.

    Ranking: The University is a profoundly presumed organization known for its commitment to society as far as educating, learning and research. A portion of the Top 100 subjects on the planet are tutored in the establishment.

    1. Australian National University (ANU)

    ANU was built in 1946 as a national research foundation. It is situated in the core of the capital of Australia, Canberra. ANU has roughly 20,000 students yearly. ANU is part of “the Group of Eight” in Australia.

    Ranking: ANU is reliably ranked amongst Top Universities and is the best University in Australia. In this way, guaranteeing great tutoring. The university is home to a portion of the top subjects taught on the planet.


    These are the best of the best when it comes to Australian Universities, if you wish to know more about these schools please do feel free to make further research.


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