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2020 Best 10 Universities in Canada





    Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has just released its World University Rankings for 2020. They used six simple metrics to rank a university’s overall performance. 

     The metrics are as shown below:

    • Academic Standards (40%)
    • Employer Reputation (10%)
    • Faculty/Student Ratio (20%)
    • Citations per faculty (20%)
    • International faculty ratio/International student ratio (5% each respectively)

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     In total, 26 Canadian universities made it to the World University Rankings for 2020, plus 1,001 universities from across the world. We will discuss 10 universities which are considered the best in Canada right now.

    University of Toronto

    Global Ranking: 29

    The University of Toronto birthed insulin and stem cell research,and not surprising that it claims the #1 spot yet again. Even so, it tied for 29th in the world alongside the Australian National University and has the highest scores among Canadian universities for academic and employer standards. The University of Toronto enrolls over 74,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, making it the nation’s largest university!

    McGill University

    Global Ranking: 35

    According to this year’s rankings, Montreal’s McGill University tied with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for the 35th best tertiary institution in the world. McGill’s high ranking is due to its international academic reputation, as international students constitute 25 percent of the university’s total student population. 

    University of British Columbia

    Global Ranking: 51

    This is the highest ranked institution on Canada’s west coast, and is also among the Top 100 universities in the world according to QS’s new rankings. QS pays special attention to UBC’s Geography, Mineral and Mining Engineering, and Sports-related courses. Regardless, employer reputation and overall academic standards also help put UBC into Canada’s Top 3 universities. 

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    University of Alberta

    Global Ranking: 113

    Located in the city of Edmonton, the University of Alberta is one of Canada’s top-ranked universities thanks in large part to its research focus and a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs. QS ranks the university high in academic reputation and international education, with over 7,800 international students in attendance.

    Université de Montréal

    Global Ranking: 137

    The French-speaking Université de Montréal made quite a leap in this year’s rankings – it’s up one spot among Canadian universities and 12 spots up in global rankings(137th). The university is among the global top 100 institutions in the fields of life sciences and medicine, and it’s pharmacy and pharmacology schools are ranked 48th in the world. 

    McMaster University

    Global Rank: 140

    Hamilton, Ontario’s McMaster University climbed six spots in the world rankings (140th) and is regarded as the 6th best university in Canada for 2020. McMaster is known for its prestigious medical school. However, it’s also one of Canada’s top three research-intensive universities and is the only Canadian host of a United Nations University – The Institute for Water, Environment and Health. 

    University of Waterloo

    Global Rank: 173

    Similar to Western, the University of Waterloo ranks in the top 100 globally for the citations per faculty member indicator. UW is recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative universities over the past 25 years and has one of the largest co-op education programs in the world. 

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    Western University

    Global Rank: 211

    Ontario’s Western University moved three places to 211th in the world. The reason is that Western got the highest score among Canadian universities for citations per faculty member indicator (77th). Western equally has three programs – Nursing, Philosophy, and Psychology – that made it to Top 50 programs in the world. 

    University of Calgary

    Global Rank: 233

    The University of Calgary is at the moment one of Canada’s top five research institutions, with 77 Canada Research Chairs and 85 research buildings. Calgary, Alberta’s largest public university acheived a high score for its enterprising campus atmosphere and international faculty. 

    Queen’s University

    Global Rank: 239

    Based in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Queen’s University is the 10th best university in Canada and 239th globally. As one of Canada’s oldest universities, Queen’s came 4th among medical-doctoral institutions in Canada and is a highly respected research institution.

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