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2019 List of Cheapest Nursing Schools in California

    It should come as no surprise that the California State has so many nursing schools and programs when you realize that it has also a large number of professional nurses being employed within the state, and it is also not surprising that it offers one of the highest average wages for nurses in the United States.

    Such an academic field with high demand, decent salary, & a great demand requires great schools to educate & prepare the future generation of nurses. It is believed that such high demand will continue for the next decades, making the nursing profession career in high demand.

    Nursing as a profession is the single largest health profession in the California State, with close to three hundred thousand active registered nurses, nurse practitioners & nurse midwives in the state. Though the number of practicing nurses doubled between 1980 and 2008, California still has relatively low number of nurses per capita.

    Every nursing school has its peculiar advantages, but some of them seem to rise above the rest. Most of the nursing schools offer to in-state tuition to the California residents, bringing the cost of attending it down. Below is the list of the best nursing schools in the California state.

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    Mount Saint Mary’s University

    Tuition fee is $39,608,

    School Admission Rate is 86%

    Mount Saint Mary’s University is based in Los Angeles. As a private school, there is no in-state tuition; however, majority of students who attend Mount Saint Mary’s University get financial assistance. The highlight of their undergraduate nursing program is the popular Bachelor of Science in Nursing program which is completed in one year.  

    Mount Saint Mary’s University offers the students real practical experience by making them work in hospitals in Los Angeles. Students therefore get the opportunity to interact with health professionals & patients unlike anywhere else.

    Azusa Pacific University

    Azusa Pacific University offers students the leadership skills & a deep level of compassion in the field of health care. Through innovative programs, mentors, & guides, students have enough opportunities to get a bachelor, master, or even doctoral degrees on campus or online.

    California State University, Fullerton

    In-state Tuition is $6,830,

    School Admission Rate is 48%

    While the postgraduate nursing degree programs receive most of the national attention at California State University, Fullerton, their Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is also outstanding. For future nurses who have an interest in midwifery or anesthesia, California State University, Fullerton should definitely be one of your choices.

    University of California, Los Angeles

    In-state Tuition is $13,749

    School Admission Rate is 18%

    The University of California, Los Angeles, is renowned for its athletic programs, but the nursing program at the University of California, Los Angeles is also impressive. Their nursing program has earned a lot of prestigious awards, & it places lots of emphasis on strong faculty in order to give students the best opportunity for them to succeed in their careers.

    It is competitive to get in & a little pricier than many other schools, but the education offered is really worth the tuition fees. The University of California, Los Angeles, offers several nursing programs through their experienced faculty & small class sizes, as the students will be taught and assessed on judgment, critical thinking, & evidence-based nursing skills

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    California State University, Sacramento

    In-state Tuition is $7,204

    School Admission Rate is 72%

    The California State University, Sacramento is located in the state capital of California, and it has education paths for a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program or for registered nurses looking to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    San Francisco State University

    In-state Tuition is $7,254,

    School Admission Rate is 68%

    The San Francisco State University is recognized for having one of the best nursing programs in the United States, and that also implies competitive application process for prospective students. Typically, only sixty to eighty nursing students are offered acceptance each year, making this program tough to get into.

    California State University, Bakersfield

    In-state Tuition is $7,142,

    School Admission Rate is 100%

    The California State University, Bakersfield might not immediately come up like a dream destination, but their nursing program is truly comprehensive. With more than two hundred students earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, this nursing program is not as competitive as  other California schools to get admission.

    The California State University, Bakersfield, delivers exceptional nursing education programs by combining physical, social, & biological sciences into their curriculum. Students here will get in-depth training in a number of clinical settings, part of the curriculum requirement.

    University of California, Irvine

    In-state Tuition is $15,516

    School Admission Rate is 41%

    Located in Sunny, University of California, Irvine offers nursing programs beginning from Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice. As a top-rated school, University of California, Irvine has a highly competitive Bachelor of Science in Nursing program with only eighty-eight freshmen admitted in the year 2018.

    The University of California, Irvine, has many degree programs for one to choose from. Whether you are looking for a basic degree or advanced, you will have to learn a biomedical, behavioral, social, & pharmaceutical science  combined with clinical practice & theory to give you the best education in the field of health.

    San Diego State University

    In-state Tuition is $7,460

    School Admission Rate is 35%

    San Diego State University boasts of impressive numbers of students studying a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Their examination pass rates has been excellent over the past decades, meaning that their nurses know what they want. The school also has a direct entry program for new students, something exclusive to them and few other schools.

    San Diego State University strives to provide admitted students with a thorough education through the nursing degree. The students will be taught on long-term rehabilitation, how to prevent & care for illness & injuries, & healthy lifestyles so they are well positioned to give patients the best possible care.

    California State University, Long Beach

    In-state Tuition is $6,794,

    School Admission Rate is 32%

    California State University, Long Beach, is ideally one of the best all-around nursing schools. There are many programs available for all the levels of nursing, each of them preparing the nurses for their future careers in the state of California and beyond.

    Sonoma State University

    In-state Tuition is $7,724

    School Admission Rate is 76%

    All the students at Sonoma State University are required to become Registered Nurses prior to applying for any nursing program. Luckily, the school divides their traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program into 2 parts – becoming a Registered Nurse first, then earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This school has been around for quite a few years now, but it is quickly becoming prestigious name in the nursing community.


    For those who aspire to enter into the nursing profession, it is important to know that the institution they attend to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing will definitely have a great impact on their career prospects, so choosing one of the best low tuition or cheap Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in California must be a priority.

    California State has the best options for nursing schools in the United States, though it might look nearly impossible to select the right school unless you do thorough research on programs that fit your expectations & needs from the above-enumerated ones.

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