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2019 List of 4 Cheapest Tuition Universities in Italy






    Studying abroad is something that students around the world all crave to experience, especially the opportunity to away from home. The idea of going to a whole new place and experiencing another country’s culture, all while pursuing a course of interest? Yes, that desire hits every student in the course of their studies. So what’s holding back every student from going all out into the world to chase this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

    For most, the cost can be quite high. Students thinking about studying for a year or even four years in Italy, for example, have a lot to cater to. You have to consider your daily food, lodging, groceries, and travel costs (moving into the country and the daily traffic costs). All this, and we still haven’t even highlighted the actual tuition fees.

    Taking all this into consideration, it does look like it will cost you a fortune. Unless you have someone willing to pay for your costs, you may find yourself asking, is it really worth it?

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    But might not have to cost your entire life’s savings. Studying abroad can be quite cheap too – if you do your research thoroughly. There are cheap universities in Italy for foreign students that you can attend. These Universities provide affordable education to all those who wish to study in Italy, so I highly recommend considering them.

    Finding the best Universities in Italy for Foreign Students

    If the price is your main concern, researching thoroughly can still make studying in Italy possible. It can be as simple as selecting your preferred destination, then checking out each university’s for their prices. You also need to consider the additional daily expenses before making your final decisions. Universities in Italy also offer partial to even full scholarships for international students. They may also give grants, contests, and exchange programs. Most of these involve some form of monetary assistance and can help your daily living expenses greatly.

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    Cheap Universities in Italy with yearly Tuition Fees

    University Name Tuition
    University of Torino $3,500
    University of Sienna Differs for different countries
    University of Padova $3,800
    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano $1,500

    Description of Italian Universities for International Students and Link to the Tuition fees

    University of Torino

    The University of Torino is an old but prestigious school in North-West Italy. The school is considered by many as one of the top 250 schools in the world. They offer over 150 courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can take these courses at a very affordable price because University of Torino is quite cheap comparatively in Italy. The school welcomes over 70,000 students from around the world every year. For students looking for a different environment from their old schools, the University of Torino may be a good choice for you. With all these students going through their gates annually, it is not a surprise that the university is rather large. Nicknamed the ‘city within a city’ for its sheer size, you can easily immerse yourself in a whole new world and experience inside the walls of this outstanding institution. Check out the Tuition Fees

    University of Sienna

    The University of Siena in Tuscany offers one of the cheapest tuition fees for international students in Italy. Similar to Torino, the University of Sienna is full of rich history and culture. While the area of Tuscany is both beautiful and rich in culture, their schools also offer the best quality education. Ranked among the top 400 schools in the world, they welcome over 20,000 students annually. If you are interested in taking one of the different Science majors, this school can definitely be a top choice. They offer a variety of Science related courses and has a world-renowned research division. Check out the Tuition Fees

    University of Padova

    For students interested in studying Agriculture, Natural and Earth Sciences, and Environmental Studies, this is a university you want to put on your list. The #140 Globally Ranked University of Padova offers a number of courses focused on Earth studies. They also have their very own in-house experimental farm and a veterinary hospital to boot. They cater to their students’ needs, showcasing their own hospital. If getting field experience while learning is what you are looking for, this may be the best one for you. Check out the Tuition Fees

    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

    • Tuition Fees
    • The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is your best destination if you value experiencing an environment of cultural diversity. The main perk for choosing this University is its outstanding international experience: split between English, German and Italian cultures. The school is quite small, only housing about 4,100 students annually, but they have excellent and modern facilities and rank #301 in the global scale. Note that this university is one of the cheapest universities in Italy, with the tuition fees around $2,000 per year.

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    So, should you start applying to Universities in Italy?

    At the end of the day, the most important element to consider is you. Your decision will have a lasting impact on your future. Whether you follow through or not depends rest with you, and whether you can see it to the end. A year, or even four years, spent abroad studying can be a huge check mark on your professional competitiveness if you want to set yourself apart in today’s job market. Of course, there is more to this experience than just the classes. You get to experience another part of the world – something majority people can only dream of doing in their lifetime.

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