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2016/2017 University of Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

    toThe University of Toronto, Canada will be partnering with The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to award full/free Undergraduate scholarships to deserving students from Sub Saharan Africa.

    Eligible Courses: Please note that all undergraduate programs in either the Faculty of Arts and Science or the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering will be available for navigation and selection by admitted scholars,

    Selection Criteria and Eligibility

    The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is open to you if you are a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan Africa country. You must be a first-time applicant to the University of Toronto who has not yet begun university study elsewhere. If you are a transfer student, you are not eligible for the Program.

    You are eligible if:

    • you are a resident and a graduating high school student of a  Sub-Saharan African country;
    • you demonstrate strong financial need correspondent to that of the lowest two quintiles of your home country;
    • you possess strong academic results within your school system;
    • have a record of leadership and extracurricular involvement;
    • maintain a strong desire to return to Africa to assist and work towards enhanced regional socioeconomic development;
    • be graduating from a recognized secondary school, or have completed the necessary academic requirements; and
    • fulfill the necessary English requirements (dependent on country);

    Please note that both academic and English requirements differ based on the country and educational system you are coming from.

    Number of Scholarships: 67 scholarships will be offered throughout the duration of the scholars program

    Value of Scholarship

    If selected, you will receive a scholarship equivalent to the costs related to attaining a Bachelor’s degree, including travel, tuition, textbooks, housing, food, and living expenses. You will also receive financial, academic, social, and post-graduation support which will enable you to build experiences and competencies critical for academic success.

    Duration of Scholarship: for a four-year undergraduate degree

    Application Deadline: 10 December 2015

    How to Apply

    To apply for the scholarship and for admission, you must submit an online application.

    A completed application includes the following components:

    • A completed online application – all applicable sections must be filled out, including contact information, financial information, personal details and responses to essay questions.
    • Financial documents – upload a scanned copy of financial documentation.
    • Transcript – upload a scanned copy of your secondary school transcript and any other academic information.
    • Two references – provide the names and contact details of two individuals who will serve as your referees. We will contact your referees directly and ask them to submit their letter of reference through a secure website.

    Visit Scholarship Webpage for details


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