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2016 Microsoft’s Free Online Programming Course

    pppMicrosoft is currently offering a free online programming course for international students who are interested in upping their programming skills. This four-week course will teach you the hard skills of functional programming with F# and how to express powerful programming ideas effectively.

    The first part of this course provides the groundwork and fundamentals necessary to build functional applications. It will provide a framework of functional programming concepts by giving the student clear examples and the opportunity to practice writing code using those concepts. The course will also provide you with the basics of F# syntax and the core features of the language.

    The second part of this course will dive deeper into the more advanced concepts of F# such as concurrency, integration with other languages, type providers, and agents. By the end of this two-part course you will have a solid foundation in functional programming with F#.


    To be accepted into this online course, you must have abasic understanding of fundamental programming concepts. Knowing the basics of program flow, conditionals, and loops will provide a good foundation for the concepts taught in this course. There are a number of excellent resources available on edX and Microsoft Virtual Academy to help you pick up those skills before jumping in.

     Deadline: Ongoing

    How to Register

    Enroll for this course via edX. If you don’t already have an account with edX, you will be prompted to create an account with edX.  Course begins on September 28th, 2015.


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