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2016 Fully paid Internship at Scripps Howard Foundation, Washington US

    Application deadline: September 25th 2015scripps

    *Selected interns must be ready to intern during any of these periods: Early January-Mid April or September to December.

    Internship Duties

    *Interns must report for work each day at the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire.

    *They must be ready to report, take pictures and write stories. They will also interview experts at the capitol, supreme court and student pass.

    *Interns must be ready to cover government politics news, business and other features.


    *Interns will be paid a stipend of $3,346 for the 14 week spring and fall terms and $ 2,390 for the 10 week summer program.

    *Interns will be housed in well furnished houses during this period.

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