2015/2016 MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program at Ashesi University College, Ghana

peersThrough a $13 million partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, the renowned Ashesi University will be awarding a large number of financial support to qualified and eligible African undergraduate students who need such financial assistance to a successful university program.

Note that about half of the scholarships will be provided by the Master Card Foundation will be awarded to qualified non-Ghanaians. This scholarship scheme will cover not only the full tuition, but also student housing in Ashesi’s modern residence halls, campus meals, a free laptop, pocket money, annual excursion trips for international students after the second year.

Applying for Scholarship at Ashesi

Generally, these scholarships will be awarded to students from low poor families. Families that cannot afford the stipulated fees will be required to complete a financial aid application form and return within the deadline with their admissions application to the admissions team. The Scholarship panel will determine the amount of your award on the basis of demonstrated need and the quality of your application.

You will be required to submit a letter stating why you need a scholarship.Students will also be asked to submit their families their bank statements, pay slips and any other relevant financial documents. The admissions committee will need as much information as possible to support your inability to pay the tuition fees, the better it will be for the panel to process scholarship request.

Students who generally are awarded the scholarships generally achieve mostly A’s and B’s on their transcripts and national exam results

The decision to make an offer of admission is done independently of scholarship applications and decisions. The Admissions Office first determines which applicants are most qualified to attend Ashesi. A Scholarship Committee then makes an independent decision regarding scholarship awards.

Notification period

The admissions office will give you a date you can expect to hear back from Ashesi, based on the date you applied. You will receive both your admission and scholarship decision at the same time.

Application Deadline

Early Admissions:
Application Deadline: 31st March, 2015

Regular Admissions:

Application Deadline: 30th June, 2015

Late Application:
Application Deadline: 25th August, 2015

How to apply

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