2015 Loughborough University Full Fee Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students

labourgLoughborough University is currently offering postgraduate scholarships to interested international students who wish to enroll for post graduate studies.


This postgraduate scholarship is known as the Loughborough university graduate school development trust Africa scholarships and are for students residing permanenttly in Africa who wish to enroll for postgraduate studies in a world class university. This scholarship is financed by contributions and extenal financing as well as funds from Loughborough University. Note that limited number of scholarships are available each year and thus very competitive.

The scholarship scheme will exclusively cover the full tuition fees. Applicants will however have to take care of their travel expenses and living costs.


Scholarships are available for postgraduate courses offered at Loughborough university.


Applicants wishing to apply should be presently residing in Africa

They should have excellent academic results with a first class degree

Applicants must show a willing to return to their home countries after completing their studies

They must Should show reasonable proof of how they will make important contributions to the growth of their country when they get back

Should show they have the ability to acquire other funds needed to able to take part in the program

Deadline: April 30th

How to Apply


The scholarship entry application is an open competition and only after an offer has been made can can an applicant apply which is done online. Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply