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2015-2016 Lotus Scholarship for US and international students at UWest in USA

    u of wwLotus Scholarship is awarded to students pursuing an Undergraduate degree or Master’s degree program at Uwest. For 2015-2016 academic year, a large number of scholarships shall be awarded to students both seeking new scholarships and a renewal of their scholarship. The scholarship which is worth between $5,000 to $10,000 per year, shall carter for tuition and as well as other incurred expenditure during the course of study.

    Brief description of Scholarship

    The lotus scholarship which first started in 2012 has helped over 100 academically gifted students who are financially limited. The scholarship is now opened for 2015-2016 academic year to both new and returning students

    Level of study

    Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Scholarship is made available to both returning and new students

    Funded by

    University of the West


    PhD students are not eligible for this scholarship

    The following categories of scholarship shall be awarded

    • Gold scholarship

    Worth: $10,000

    Minimum CGPA: Undergraduate (3.0/4.0), Postgraduate (3.25/4.0)

    • Silver scholarship

    Worth: $5,000

    Minimum CGPA: Undergraduate (2.75/4.0), Postgraduate (3.0/4.0)

    Local students: Local students shall be expected to submit a FAFSA application or make available a copy of their parents/guardian tax statement. The University may also request taxation statement, letters describing student’s financial records etc.

    International Students: International students may be required to provide documents describing their financial status as well as the financial status of their parents or guardian when applying

    A test of proficiency of English language shall be demanded of international students. Also, only students with full time admission into the University shall be granted the Scholarship. Undergraduate student must be enrolled in a 24 credit unit course per year, while postgraduate 18 credit unit per year. Students in their final semesters who are not fully enrolled shall be considered after they must have notified the University through writing. Non full time student shall be paid some fraction of the scholarship depending on the amount of credit unit they registered.

    Length of scholarship

    The scholarship usually lasts a period of a year but shall be subject to renewal depending on student’s performance.


    Method of application

    The following documents should be submitted in the course of application

    • A copy of your transcript indicating your highest level of education
    • A copy of your TOEFL and IELTS test score
    • A copy of FAFSA document for local students
    • Completed Uwest Financial aid application form
    • Completed and duly signed Uwest international Students supplemental financial aid application form
    • New student should submit a copy of their admission application form to the University without which they won’t be considered for the scholarship

     Notification of successful applicant

    All successful applicants shall be notified by 1st of May 2015. New students shall be notified of their application result by 1st June while returning students shall be notified by 30th June.

    Application deadline

    Deadline for new applicants: 15th February 2015

    Deadline for both new and returning students: 1st April 2015

    Please visit the link below for further details

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