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15 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students

    Most international students opt for Canada has their first choice for university studies. This is because Canada is a multicultural destination and higher education there is top quality. There are also a wide range of programs offered in Canadian Universities, which is affordable.

    In this article, we would be looking at 15 best and cheapest universities in Canada for international students.

    Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students

    1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

    The Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of the biggest universities in the country, with a tuition fee of about $3,222. This university has over 90,000 students enrolled, with about 18,000 being international students. This institution promotes research, a reason why most international students rush there for studies. Graduate studies in this universities is quite affordable too.

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    1. University of Northern British Columbia

    The tuition fee at the University of Northern British Columbia is $3,297. This middle-sized university is also affordable for international students. It has five campuses situated in British Columbia, with a student population of approximately 4,000. This university is also affordable for graduate studies.

    1. University of Calgary

    The University of Calgary is another cheap university in Canada for international students, with a tuition of $3,693. It is situated in Alberta and started off as a branch of the University of Alberta, before it grew over time and developed into an independent university that now offers various programs, including health science, law, and business.

    The University of Calgary has over 80 different research centers, making it a very striking option for international graduate students who wish to further their education in Canada. This school has about 25,000 students.

    1. Simon Fraser University

    The Simon Fraser University, SFU, is located in British Columbia and it’s formed by three campuses which are in Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby. Despite the low tuition at SFU which stands at $3,743, the quality of education is outstanding. This is one reason why many international students troop there for studies.

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    Simon Fraser University also has accreditation issued by the United States, making the degree more internationally-recognized than any other university..

    1. University of Saskatchewan

    The tuition at University of Saskatchewan is $4, 358, another cheap university for international students who want to study in Canada. This institution, established in 1907, is ideal for international students pursuing their graduate degree. The school has over 80 graduate programs and lots of options for aspiring students. This university is recognized nationwide for the quality of the research produced there. The main foundations of the institution is medical research and graduate programs. The school has made noteworthy innovations, including the invention of the cobalt-60 unit designated for cancer therapy.

    1. Brandon University

    Brandon University is also affordable for bachelor degrees, with a tuition of $7,203. This institution is situated in Manitoba and it offers a wide range of programs in liberal arts and science. Most courses offered at Brandon University are for undergraduate students. However, the school also provides graduate programs provided. The student body is small compared to other universities. It has a total population of about 3,000 students. This is a good thing since it allows for personalized attention.

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    1. Université de Saint-Boniface

    This public university is located in Manitoba. This university requires students to have minimum proficiency in French, since it’s the main language spoken at the institution. English proficiency may also be required. This university is small, with less than 2,000 students. They offer programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The tuition for this university is $7,482.

    1. University of New Brunswick

    This university, with a tuition of $8,000, has two campuses to the main one. The University of New Brunswick is the oldest English-speaking University in the country. This school has over 11,000 students in the university and programs vary from business to medical studies. This university offers a wide number of research programs. The head office established sustainability programs to reduce their carbon footprint, due to the current climate change issues.

    1. University of Prince Edward Island

    The University of Prince Edward Island, with a tuition of $8,000, is one of the oldest universities in Canada, established in 1804. The university is situated in Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island. The university has since expanded in the last three decades and currently has numerous research centers, making it a great alternative for graduate students. Tuition fees for master and doctorate students is $8,000.

    1. Université de Moncton

    This Canadian university is located in Monton, New Brunswick. It also has facilities in Edmundston and Shippagan. Its tuition fee is about $9,000. This university was formed from the union of three different institutions. It offers programs in engineering, law, health sciences, and art. One of its main prominent features is that it has six libraries at student’s disposition. There are two libraries that focuses on law and education.

    1. University of Guelph

    The University of Guelph, situated in Ontario focuses mainly on research. It was formed from the fusion of different institutions to form a bigger one. It now has over 30,000 students. Programs offered at University of Guelph varies from natural sciences to engineering. Also, health studies and social sciences are part of the curriculum.  The tuition at University of Guelph is $9,730.

    1. Canadian Mennonite University

    The Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian university with three different campuses in Winnipeg. This university is more open to foreign students and its tuition is $10,003. It offers numerous programs for undergraduate students. The faculty aims to promote a spirit of multiculturalism on the campus. Philosophy is one of the main cores of the university.

    1. Dominican University College

    The Dominican University College, a Roman Catholic denomination, is situated in Ottawa. This cheap Canadian university offers programs in both religion and civil areas. Undergraduate degrees have a tuition fee of about $12,494. Research focuses on historic issues concerning philosophy and theology, which are the main cores of study established by the Dominican order.

    1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    This is the first institute of its kind to be established in Canada. With a tuition of $14,000, students at this institute can pursue education in hospitality, transportation, tourism, and a host of other. It focuses in the areas of trade, business, and technology. This school has four campuses all located in Alberta. The different campuses offer different areas of studies.

    1. Acadia University

    The tuition at Acadia University is $16,380. It is located in Nova Scotia and greatly focuses on undergraduate programs. There are also graduate degrees offered, with various master degrees and one doctorate. The university has four main faculties, which are in the areas of applied science, arts, theology, and professional studies. This university also offer courses online.

    Bottom line

    These are only a part of the cheapest universities in Canada Studying in Canada is an achievable goal for international students. Generally, the tuition for graduate degrees is more affordable tuition than undergraduate degrees. Note that the tuition fees may vary according to the selected program. So, it’s vital to go over the details for the program of your interest.

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