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12 Cheapest Tuition Universities In Holland For International Students

    Study in the Netherlands | Study.EUIf you are interested in studying in Holland, you would have noticed that this is more expensive when compared to other destinations. However, there are 12 low tuition universities where you can study, save costs and fulfill your dreams of studying in Europe.

    Holland is a friendly destination perfect for English-speaking international students who wish to live in an environment with little or no language barrier. In fact, the EU Language report revealed in 2012 that 90 percent of Dutch people speak English fluently.

    So, if you would want to study in Holland and on a tight budget, consider the following 12 low cost institutions:

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    University of Twente (UT)

    Founded in 1961, University of Twente in Enschedeis one of the most affordable institutions in Holland. The university prides itself as the trailblazer when it comes to blending courses in science and social sciences with technology to shape the world for the better.

    Indeed, UT has come a long way in making this goal a reality.They are amongst the top 27 best universities in Europe.And the 200 best ranked universities in the world; out of over 17,000.

    UT is particularly suited for international students looking at studying at an institution where they can settle in appropriately. It is one of the institutions with an impressive multicultural community catering to students from well over 78 nationalities and counting.

    To study at UT, you must demonstrate that you are a fluent English speaker through a satisfactory IELTS or TOEFL result.


    HAN University of Applied Sciences

    HAN University of Applied Sciences’ core focus is the development of the entrepreneurial and innovative skills of her students. This is done by offering over 78 courses in varying fields of study including Law, Engineering, Health and Commerce.

    Studying at HAN University of Applied Sciences affords you the opportunity to learn from excellent professors, experience an impeccable curriculum system and access amazing facilities. For example, sporting facilities are available at discounted rates for studentd of this prestigious university. However, you need a good TOEFL or IELTS result to study at the HAN University of Applied Science.

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    Radboud University

    Radboud University strives to establish a community of students and staffers who are stimulated to attain academic excellence for the betterment of the society. Established in 1923, Radboud University features in the list of the best ranking universities in the world.

    If you study at the Radbound University, not only would you be able to save cost while acquiring the best qualitative education available in the world today. But you would also be studying at an institution with so much flexibility that you have the utmost control over your subject choice.


    Utrecht University (UU)

    The culture at Utrecht University (UU) is to regularly engage and keep lecturers who are keen on impacting students and contributing to the advancement of the curriculum of the institution. No wonder the university is ranked by Times Higher Education as the 75th of over 17,000 institutions in the world. They are also a regular in the Elsevier Magazine’s top five ranked institutions in Holland.

    Should you study at UU, you would have experienced various student activities including active sporting life and student clubs (such as Centre for Global Challenges, CS Ubuntu and UHSK among others) all of which will mold you into a well-rounded individual.


    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

    Delft University of Technology (or TU Delft) is best at producing world-class engineers who play impactful roles in nourishing and sustaining global economy. Established well over 160 years ago, TU Delft currently offers 16 undergraduate and 35 postgraduate programs.

    You may consider studying at TU Delft because it gives you the opportunity to reside in a city filled with boisterous clique of students. You also have the privilege of joining study associations limited to your study program and student societies which are open for all.

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    University of Amsterdam (UvA)

    University of Amsterdam is the biggest university in Holland. With over 29,000 students, 2,900 PhD and 5,800 staffers, the institution proffers the broadest range of programs. Also, it prides itself as breeding a community fostered by curiosity.

    UvA was founded in January 1632 and is currently ranked 62nd in the world by the Times Higher Education. To study at UvA, you need to present your IELTS or TOEFL certificate.


    Wageningen University and Research

    Situated in Wageningen, Wageningen University and Research offers programs in Agriculture & Forestry, Social Sciences, Business Management and much more. The institution was founded in 1876 and has produced finely adjusted graduates who can be found in parastatals, private firms and other various sectors across the globe.

    If you choose to study at this university, you would experience the choicest facilities available only at the top 100 universities around the world (according to Times Higher Education). Like most universities on this list, Wageningen University and Research requires that you take the IELTS or TOEFL test to qualify for admission.


    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Erasmus University Rotterdam was first established in 1913 but its current form was created in 1973. This university is revered as one of the leading international research institutes in Europe. You could study Law, Social Sciences and other courses at this prestigious institution.

    While comparatively affordable for international students, Erasmus University Rotterdam affords you the opportunity to experience world-class facilities. The University Library is a hub of impressive collections and the institution’s campuses are equipped with modern facilities.


    University of Groningen

    University of Groningen is cited Groningen, a region renowned for its teeming population of students. This is why it is rightly called ‘City of Talent’ and ‘City for students.’University of Groningen is currently ranked 73rd and is steered at consistently producing competent graduates who are naturals at excelling in research-oriented fields.

    This university is one of the oldest two in Holland, being founded in 1614. In fact, University of Groningen has shaped the history of Holland for the better by helping to record someachievements including producing the first European Central Bank president, the first female student and the first astronaut from Netherlands.


    Eindhoven University of Technology

    The success that is today known as the Eindhoven University of Technology is a combination of efforts rallied together by individuals in government and scholars as well as industry professionals. It came to live in 1956, and currently, it is one of the most affordable institutions to study in Holland.

    Eindhoven University of Technology is founded based on the ideology that great things are achievable when students and staff members are pushed to the limit. Also, the university is located near Brainport Eindhoven which is regarded as one of the strongest technological centres in the world.

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    Leiden University

    Leiden University is located in Leiden Holland. It is an institution recognized for its remarkable impact on teaching and research. The university is established on the premise that consistent delivery of impeccable academic teaching and research is an impetus for a safe, prosperous and healthy world.

    At the Leiden University, students have the opportunity to study Art, Design and Architecture and well as core sciences such as Medicine and Health, and Engineering and Technology. An international student needs to provide a TOEFL or IELTS certificate to qualify for an admission at the Leiden University.


    Tilburg University

    Tilburg University takes pride in creating and fostering relations with corporations, citizens and government parastatals to impact knowledge and proffer quality education to their students. Tilburg University was established in 1927 when it was first called ‘RoomschKatholiekeHandelshoogeschool’. Today, it is one of highest ranked universities in the world with ecofriendly campus, state-of-the-art sport facilities and lecturers/professors with professional expertise.

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