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10 Popular Programs to Study Abroad

    It’s very important that you consider what you want to study abroad before you start the preparation. Of course, when making this choice you should follow your heart and skills, however, you have bear in mind the programs that are popular today to make sure you made a good choice. You can consider your skills when making this choices and a particular specialty considering the tendencies. In this article, we have listed 10 popular programs a student should consider.


    Nurses are needed every time in all over the world. Choosing Nursing as a major for the college will guarantee you the job at the end of the program or after your graduation. – Fact. The increasing number of the babies and the older adults makes the demand for nursing profession higher and higher every year by year. To work as a licensed nurse, one needs to have an associate or bachelor’s degree minimum as a minimum qualification.

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    1. Computer Information Systems (ICT)

    This program is considered new in the market, however, it has already become one of the most popular programs in the world today. The sphere to work for the graduates is obviously IT that is quickly increasing its popularity. If you want to earn about $60, 000, then choose Computer Information Systems as your major!

    1. Chemical Engineering

    If you good at engineering, chemistry or biochemistry, then choosing Chemical Engineering study program will be a good choice for you. You will learn how to improve and keep the environment safe from potential pollutants, thus making a big contribution to your society society. You cannot even imagine how many firms will be looking for your services after you graduate! Do not miss this opportunity!

    1. English Language and Literature

    This is one of the best program in universities today – it fits all the humanities-minded persons. The biggest advantage of this program is that it provides the all-round development. The graduate can work in the majority of the existing spheres – education, marketing, advertising, public relations, and many others. A lot of people who study English Language and Literature can write, speak, communicate, and reflect – all the skills needed in almost every fields of endeavor.

    1. Biology

    A degree in Biology helps open many doors in terms of jobs and career to you. You can study bacteria or animals; you can work in the laboratory or outside it; you may dedicate your career to science, or you can work for any company. The range of professions is broad – the only requirement for you is to love the area you have chosen.

    1. Business Administration and Management

    The degree in Business Administration and Management will make you one that’s fully prepared for the development of his/her own business. If you would like to work for the particular company, the good position we wish you to get is a business analyst– the salary you may count on is up to $70, 000. Sounds good, right?

    1. Accounting

    Assuming you ask yourself a question, “What should I study in school?” to answer this question you need to analyze your skills and the popular tendencies on the job market. If you feel you have a skills or interest for accounting, do not have any doubts go ahead and choose this program. If math and statistics are your favorites, you will feel super comfortable studying this program!


    One of the best programs to choose is Economics. If know you have the skills of critical thinking and math, then you will be able to analyze how the companies, societies, and brands should spend their money and time. The skills and training that you are going to receive on this major at college will be extremely be useful for you if you decide to start your own business or work for an organization.

    1. Electrical Engineering

    This program is not the easiest, however, its complexity is well compensated with the job opportunities and salaries offered to graduates. When you graduate from this program, you should be able to find the job at any corporation in any country – electrical engineers are valued everywhere worldwide. You will be paid about $60, 000 which is a decent amount of money.

    1. Aviation Technology

    Aviation technology is yet another popular area that might seem difficult to the students, and it is. You can become a pilot, engineer, or mechanic – your salary will be equally high. You should not worry about the job opportunities because such specialists are rather rare, and they are valued much.

    So when choosing a study abroad program make sure you consider the ones on the lists above, but more importantly, analyze your skills first and know what you are good at before making the final decision.

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