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10 Cheapest Tuition Universities In North America

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    The United, states is one of the best when talking about countries that provides standard and quality education in the world. It is the perfect and right place to go for an international student who wants the best of education. However, education in the united states can be very expensive in which not everyone can afford especially international students.

    But there are actually universities where their tuition fee is low and affordable for International students. Here, we will talk about  universities with the lowest and affordable tuition fee in North America.


    University of the people was founded and established by Sha Reshef in 2009, California. It is a distance education and not-for profit private university. The university is the first American accredited online university to be both tuition free and not for profit.

    Moreover, the university currently has students from over 200 countries nationwide. University of the people offers both associate and bachelor’s degree programs.

    Concerning the aspect of payment, students are only required to pay an assessment fee of $100 for undergraduate and $200 for graduate at the completion of each course. Besides, students who want to be accepted by University of the people must have completed high school and have access to a computer and a stable Internet connection and have good English skills.

    The university partners with international organizations and  leading universities to make their degree programs more standard and create encouraging opportunities for students.

    The University official website is

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    California state university was founded in 1949, located in long beach, U.S. The university is a public university and the academic calendar being used there is semester based.

    The campus environment of the university  is lively and very conducive for learning. It ws rated among the largest and most applied to institution in states in United states of America.The tuition fee for state student is $6,798 while the one for International students is $17,094.

    The university website is


    Alcorn state university is a public university established in 1871,located in Mississippi, United states. The university is dedicated to the education of black Americans.

    Over the years, Alcorn state university has educated leaders in different fields and professions like Law, Politics, medicine,education and Nursing. The tuition of the university for students is:

    1) In State students tuition fee – $6,888.

    2) Out of state undergraduates –  $7, 290.

    The admitting of new students is competitive.   Besides the acceptance rate is 28% which means The university has a record  of enrolling 32,000 undergraduates. Majority of the admitted  students received scholarships or grants

    The university website is

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    Minot state university is a public university founded in 1913. It is located in Minot,  North Dokota, United stat. The university is among the largest university in North Dokota.

    The university offers both bachelor’s  and master’s degree program. Moreover, it operates on a semester based academic calendar and also provide a standard online program. The application fee of the university is $35.

    Minot state university’s tuition fee for undergraduates is $6,809 for in-state students  and $7,592 for out of state students.

    The university website is


    The City university of New York was established in 1961, New York city, United states. The university is considered as the biggest urban  university system in the United states. As a matter of fact, the university has 26 campuses which comprises of seven post-graduate institutions, one undergraduate honors college, seven community colleges and eleven senior colleges.

    The various courses offered by the university includes mathematics, military science, theatre, media and communication, international studies, architecture, science, computer science, physics, biology and others.

    The City university of New York is famous for its greatness in academic education, besides the university enrolls the largest number of students in the United states. The tuition fee for in-state students is $7,140 while $14,810 is for out of state students.

    The university’s tuition website is

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    Concordia university is a comphrensive public research university founded in 1974 after the merger of Sir George Williams university and Loyola college. The institution is situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    The university is among the top and best universities in Quebec. In addition, it offers  over 300 undergraduates and 100 graduates courses and programs.  The university tuition fee is 2,328 CAD for in-state students and 7,227 CAD for International students.  The university’s website is


    University of Manitoba was founded in 1877, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The university is famous for its intensive research making. There are over 100 academic programs offered in the university such as engineering, dentistry, pharmacy, law and medicine.

    University of Manitoba have a 8,900 faculty and staffs and also accommodates up to 30,000 students. In addition, the tuition fee for undergraduates  is $5,122.

    The university’s website is


    University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 by Henry Marshall Tory. The university is an open research university based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    The university is known as the most international university in North America. Besides, it is Columbia’s oldest university. It is among the top best university in Canada with low tuition fee.

    The university’s tuition fee is $22,230 CAD for domestic students while $44,800 CAD is for International students and the official website of the university  is


    University de Montreal is a French language public research university established in 1878. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The university is popularly known and referred to as UDEM and the largest North America French speaking university.

    More than 60 departments are controlled and maintained by the university. In addition, there are over 650 graduates and  undergraduates courses offered by the university. UDEM tuition fee for Local students is 2,000 CAD and 7,500 for International students.

    The universit’s website is


    University of Western Ontario is a public research university established in 1878, located in Ontario, Canada. The university is among the university best university in Canada.

    The university is popularly known as UWO, it has more than 24,000 students and has 11 faculties which includes Faculty of Health sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of science and others. The university engages in intensive Research making.

    However, the undergraduates tuition fee is $6,050 for local students and 27,719 for International students.

    The university’s website is

    In conclusion, if you are searching for the best low tuition fee institutions in North America,the universiies listed above is no doubt the right university to apply.

    Please note that the tuition fee is subject to changes as there can be some slight improvement.

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